I’m a Step For You To Dance To

You know you’ve reached a certain level of blogger notoriety when you don’t write for a few days and people start calling you a whore. In a loving way, of course.

I should add that the original whore-caller was my own sister, WHOSE ASS I WIPED FOR TWO WEEKS I MIGHT ADD, but it does appear that others have agreed with the whoredom.

It’s okay. I like you guys anyway. And I’ve never once received money for sex.

It just occurred to me that I have wiped the asses of all three of my sisters at some point in their lives. I know you’re all glad that I shared that.

So I’ve been busy. Really busy, in fact – this is one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down until at least Sunday. I’ve got a lot of work stuff going on, and I’ve got plans for most of the weekend, and I’ve been doing the SELF challenge as well. I got started a week late, but that’s okay.

Last year I did exactly one day of the SELF challenge, but that was the day that Ginny wrecked and it just wasn’t a good time to begin a new routine. It is, however, the reason that I can remember every single item of food I consumed that day – because I had written it all down. I’m really good at remembering most things if I write them down.

This year, like I said, I got started late, but it’s Thursday and already I have spent 115 minutes of this week working out. Which is about 95 more minutes than I spent working out last week. That’s pretty awesome. And I haven’t done today’s workout yet, because I prefer to exercise in the evening. Tonight is strength training with the big blue ball, in case you care.

In a continuing theme of having no point, I would like to share that Ginny just called me to complain a little more about how I haven’t written yet today, and to tell me about how some parts of my page aren’t displaying correctly in IE. I’m still working on it.

Other random things:

  • My hair has been seriously awesome lately. I highly recommend Dove styling products, specifically the Flexible Hold Aerosol Hair Spray and the Defined Texture Molding Cream. I’m a fan.
  • So I have this wedding to go to this weekend, right? I had complained about my trouble finding a dress a few posts ago, but since then I actually found a great dress. The only problem is that it’s supposed to be cold on Saturday and might even snow. Questions: do I need a wrap? The wedding is indoors and originally I was just planning on wearing my dress coat and checking it at the door, because this dress has a cowl back and I didn’t want to cover it with a wrap. But now I fear I’ll look like a big moron if I go without. So it’s like a deep purple knee-length sheath dress with the cowl back – doesn’t show much skin, but is still sleeveless. Wrap? Or do I just wear something completely different? This sucks.

Okay, that’s all I have today. NOW ARE YOU HAPPY?

5 Replies to “I’m a Step For You To Dance To”

  1. i think you should post PICTURES of the dress so we can judge. and stuff.

    also, since i still can’t tell what the self challenge is, i am going to assume that it involves listening to the band self while working out.

    there were many bad jokes about self that i would have gone for, but dude. your family reads this stuff. *laugh*

  2. You wrote about clothing. That’s all I needed. Whatever a wrap is, I say you wear one. Two, if at all possible.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha

    well, he told me to…

    “You know you’ve reached a certain level of blogger notoriety when your sister yells at you for not updating.”
    …erm, lorie, I don’t know if that’s affecting the level of “fame” you were going for.


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