Ugh. It’s chilly today and getting colder. We’ve gotten spoiled on the weeks of lovely springlike weather, and I don’t think anyone’s particularly keen on experiencing the 40 degree highs they’re forecasting for this weekend.

Last night it rained, like all.night.long, and it had to have been incredibly loud because it woke me up several times, and I’m normally a pretty sound sleeper. It had mostly stopped by this morning, but when I went out to my car I discovered that I had left the driver’s side window open a crack when I got home last night.

Seriously, I never do that. But it figures that I would do it on the night we have a monsoon.

So I got to drive for an hour to work today sitting on a damp beach towel, and my butt is still a little wet and I’ve been here for hours now.

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  1. Just a word of advice, Lorie: When you’ve got an hour’s drive ahead and your seats soaked with rain water – take along a dry beach towel to sit on. Really, you’ll find the difference quite remarkable.


    sorry… had to… too easy.
    *sigh :)

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