Cutting in Line

I really hate it when I’m waiting at a stop sign to turn, and the car behind me decides to pull onto the shoulder (or, in some cases, around me to the left) because that driver wants to turn a different way than I do and CAN’T POSSIBLY WAIT until I turn to make his turn.

The problem is that when someone pulls up beside me like that, then I can’t see the traffic coming from that side, and I have to wait until THAT person turns until I can see for sure that it’s safe enough for me to turn. I’m short, and I drive a low-profile car, so pretty much any car will do this to me, but it’s particularly bad when the other person is driving something like a Suburban.

It’s like they’re cutting me in line, and while I get annoyed with impatient drivers in general, I particularly hate these. ARGH.

In other news, my spleen is just fine and enjoyed having its picture taken.

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