Hipster and Pizza Preferences

In my continuing quest for hipster coolness, I have recently acquired a kelly green peacoat and a pair of Tina Fey glasses. It’s a weird combination, because the green coat guarantees that I’ll stand out in a crowd, but the glasses sometimes make people check twice to make sure it’s me.

I’ve wanted cooler glasses for quite some time, thinking that if I had cool glasses, I’d wear them a little more often and give my eyes a break from the contacts. Also, I like the way they can change my look so easily. But glasses are seriously expensive, and so I’ve put off getting them for months and months now.

But my old prescription glasses just weren’t cutting it anymore, and it got to the point that I could barely see the words on our GIGANTIC BIG-SCREEN TELEVISION while wearing those glasses. I had a little extra money coming, so I bit the bullet and went and got the glasses.

I really do like them and have worn them all week; in fact, the only reason I’m not wearing them today is because I have PT and don’t want to deal with them there.

Ooh, crap, I just remembered I’m out of checks. Problem.

Also, I have not eaten lunch today because of my PT appointment this afternoon, and between that and the latest at Dooce, I am seriously craving pizza. Like, way seriously. Like, I seriously contemplated ordering a whole pizza from Papa John’s and eating the entire thing myself. Because I could.

I guess I’m a pizza purist. I don’t really like meat on my pizzas, and the thought of a supreme pizza sends me into fits, because I start thinking about all the toppings I’ll have to pick off before I can eat the pizza and I’m like OH MY GOD, PLEASE KILL ME NOW. I like cheese pizza best, but too much cheese borders on the yucky. I also loooooove Hawaiian pizza (is it really even Hawaiian, or is it just ’cause of the pineapple?), and that is my one exception to the meat rule. Although I’m fine with just the pineapple and not the Canadian bacon.

Wait. Hawaiian pizza has Canadian bacon on it? That’s weird.

Anyway. I also like mushrooms and olives, but since pretty much no one else in my family will go for a mushroom and olive pizza, I don’t usually get that.

As far as pizza places go, if we’re talking big chains I like Papa John’s best, followed by Domino’s and then Pizza Hut if I’m feeling like drinking a vat of grease. Hand-tossed or pan crust is where it’s at; I don’t see the point in thin crust pizza, and I think it’s gross and a total waste of money.

I really do miss Giordano’s stuffed spinach pizza, but you can’t really get that around here. So I get that when I’m in Chicago.

Okay. Now I am completely starving. And I want to know your pizza preferences, too!

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  1. Pizza is my favorite food. I think I can eat pizza and Taco Bell any time of day or night. I like regular cheese pizza and would have no problem eating a whole pie myself. I had pizza for lunch today and I'm probably going to have it for dinner, too. But, I don't like those chain pizza places, I like little pizza shops, and on Long Island, we have a lot of good ones to choose from.

  2. to make it even more odd, canadian bacon doesn't exist in Canada. I love bacon and black olive pizza and I don't care from who. I love the canadian bacon pineapple pizza too. All have to be thin crust, the thinner the better!

  3. Well, in your attempt to BE a hipster, aren't you actually a poser? Its okay. I like posers better. And green jackets… and glasses. So don't listen to me. I am as dumb as they come.

  4. You seem so far from a pizza purist one might just have to call you an American.

    in any case, I like mushrooms and pineapple on mine if it's ordering in. Oh – and thin crust. I get more flavor and less “sponge” in my mouth. I don't need a lot of expanding bread – I need sauce, flavor. Eating in, I'm a fan of the Margarita pizza.

    Now, hows about some pictures of the coat and esp. those glasses – on you, lady. –?

  5. I only like cheese pizza. And my favorite is Gino's East in Chicago – I am from the suburbs (they have a few restaurants in the burbs as well). I also really love Giordano's and Papa John's. I just had Papa John's last night =)

  6. St. Louis style, which is thin-crust, cut into teency squares instead of triangles. Mushrooms (only real, fresh mushrooms, not the canned rubber ones), cheese, and extra sauce.

  7. I, too, prefer cheese. Plain cheese. Though I do like a thin crust.

    St. Louis pizza IS very good — Emo's is one of my favorites.

  8. You know me, I'll eat just about anything on a pizza, but I'm not too fond of the sausage. I have on occasion been known to like a thin crust pizza (they used to buy them for us at the theater) but mostly the hand tossed. And come to think of it Canadian Bacon doesn't really exist in VA either, here it's HAM. And that bothers me.

  9. “n my continuing quest for hipster coolness, I have recently acquired a kelly green peacoat and a pair of Tina Fey glasses. ”

    like you needed to be hotter.

    also, i love the hawaiian. the meat is awesome. otherwise, i dont like pizza meat cuz it all hurts my tummy. mushrooms are good too.

  10. My new favorite: Papa John's Spicy Italian..It has sausage (spicy of course) and pepperoni with Italian seasonings…You really can't get any better…You know who also has really good pizza? This gas station called Casey's General Store (in small towns)…They make a great Taco one…
    PS..I used to live in Winnetka, right by NorthWestern!

  11. also, dominoes is icky and pizza hut pan super supreme is the shit. though most people disagree with em there. i'm kind of each extreme on this–i like that super supreme, or i like giordanos just stuffed cheese.

  12. Giordano's stuffed spinach pizza is pretty much the best pizza ever. Did you ever have Lou Malnati's when you were in Chicago? Mmmm, almost as good. Yum. But regular old pizza has to have pineapple and jalapeno. Now I'm hungry.

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