nuns and nintendo

I had bizarre dreams last night.

In one dream I was in line for a movie premiere, but there were two different groups. One group was more special than the other. I was in the “special” line and one of my students was there and asked if I had the right kind of ticket for the special line. I didn’t remember even having a ticket but I checked in my pocket and there it was – my ticket.

But my ticket was shaped like a nun.

Not like a real nun, like a photo of a nun or anything, but more like a squat little midget nun. Like a nun animal cracker. Like this:

Apparently the nun ticket was, in fact, the special one, so I got to go to the premiere with my nun ticket.

I decided to wear a tube dress that barely covered my ass and was made from a bath towel, and a jean jacket.

Yeah. I’m cool.

Then while I was getting ready for the premiere, my doorbell rang, and as I went to the door my house magically had two stories and turned into a hunting lodge, and all these people were waiting outside to play Nintendo.

Among them was, of all people, Richard. Whom I’ve only met twice. He was one of the only people I recognized who showed up at my house, and I just stood there and stared at him, trying to place him, and finally said “Do you know anyone I know?” and he totally lied and was like “no, I just heard you had a Nintendo.” And I called him on it – I said, “You’re lying, you know Cookie.” And then he finally said “Well yeah, I do.”

Then he went inside to play Nintendo with everyone else.

And I left to go to my movie premiere.

I totally need more sleep. And an old-school Nintendo. Ours is broken but as far as I know, all the games work. Maybe I could snag one on ebay or something and then while away my hours playing Super Mario Brothers 3 and Dragon Warrior and Tetris and The Legend of Zelda and other such fun stuff.

Oh, Nintendo, how I long for your 8-bit graphics and your tinny music.

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  1. yeah, immense workloads lead to crazy fucking dreams. i dreamt last night that my car was built on these rails and that the car would slip of the rails every time i tried to turn. then i was at some broad's house with a bunch of people playing nintendo while she went to a movie premier with her special midget nun ticket. freaky.

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