Middle School Sucks, Seriously

Jamie and I had a talk this morning. She’s in eighth grade and having a tough time with middle school in general. Luckily, she’s almost finished, but still – it sucks. I told her that middle school sucks for everyone, and that nearly everyone I know counts 6th, 7th, and/or 8th grade among the worst years of her life.

All middle school kids are assholes. It’s their job. All the kids get made fun of about something, whether they’re chunky or skinny, tall or short, smart or dumb, pretty or plain. It doesn’t matter. Middle school kids have an innate talent for finding the one thing you are most insecure about and exploiting it mercilessly, and when you’re already dealing with hormones and body changes and all that other stuff, it’s a nightmare. I told her all of this.

When I was in middle school, I was teased for being smart. I was teased for being a good singer. I was teased for being short, for having long hair, for being in band, for playing sports, for all of the things that made me who I was. I didn’t start shaving my legs when the popular girls did, so I was made fun of for that. I was teased because I was younger than all of the other girls, and didn’t get my period until after they did. I was teased because I didn’t wear makeup. I had a terrible perm and a mall wall and I was made fun of for that, even though everyone else had the same hair, or tried to.

I didn’t have any older sisters to guide me, so I overdressed for a middle school dance and was ripped on so mercilessly for the dress I loved, and for my terrible dancing, that I hate dances to this very day. I had a boyfriend but I didn’t kiss him enough so he dumped me. I had a group of popular girls who hated me for no apparent reason, and would trip me in the hallway or corner me at my locker and kick me and pull my hair.

And the thing is, I wasn’t a misfit. The dorky kids had it way worse. I was a completely average, well-rounded student with a little group of friends who stuck together like glue, and middle school was STILL terrible.

I know I have a few young readers, and I just want you guys to know – it gets better. It’s never going to be perfect, but I swear it gets better. I’m sure my comments are going to be filled with stories like mine, or worse.

You know what? I continued to be that same girl in high school, minus the bad perm, and I did just fine. I didn’t start wearing makeup every day until I was in college. For that matter, I didn’t drink or have sex until I was in college, either. And I waited long enough on both counts until I was sure that I was able to deal with my decisions, and I don’t regret either one.

I wish every girl in middle school or high school would know that it’s okay not to wear low-rise jeans. They flatter almost nobody. It’s okay not to wear a pound of makeup, and you’ll probably have better skin if you don’t. It’s okay to eat lunch, for heaven’s sake – if the girls at your lunch table pick at their fries and complain that they’ll get fat, fuck ’em. Eat. It’s okay not to get drunk. In ten years, no one’s going to care whether you drank in high school or not. It’s okay not to have sex until you’re SURE you’re ready.

I know I’m not the first one to say it, but maybe if we keep saying it over and over and over again, it’ll eventually stick somewhere. I try to teach my little sisters these few lessons wherever possible, and I think they pay attention sometimes.

I think it’s important for confident young women to be role models for teenage girls whenever possible, because lots of teenage girls don’t have that and they NEED it. Parents are great and wonderful and necessary, but there’s something to be said for finding a woman who’s been through it all recently, who can tell you it’s all going to be okay. I don’t know if I’m doing it all right, or right at all, but I’m doing the best I can.

And seriously, Jay, I promise you that middle school sucks for everyone, and that it’ll get better soon. I’m sure the rest of you will agree.

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  1. Well, Lorie, you are surely a magnificent role model, both to your sisters and to your readers.

    I work with some 8th graders at church, though most of my time is with older kids. It is a wretched, awkward time. If I could put them all in nice comfy sensible school uniforms, I would. In a heartbeat.

  2. Yeah: junior high sucked. And for me, it was FOUR years, so that's even worse. Wait, high school sucked as well. I wasn't cool. I didn't have the right clothes (my parents didn't have that much money back then). I didn't drive the right car. I had a horrible haircut and a face full of ance and no boys liked me. It does suck, horrifically, but you're right – it does get better. I wrote an entry about this quite some time ago, about how if I had to go back and do it all over again, I would and I wouldn't care about anything. I'd wear pj pants and flip-flops every day. I wouldn't care who I was seen talking to at lunch, or who I hung out with on the weekends. These kids need to know that NONE OF THAT MATTERS once you're through. It's kind of like a prison sentence without the permanant record. I'm okay, you're okay, they'll all be okay. Oh, also, thanks for the Pudding Pop link. I was jonesing for one last night and now I can go buy some today at lunch. Hell yeah! Also, call me!!

  3. 8th grade and 9th grade are two different worlds. It's scary being a freshman, but in a different way. The nasty kids are slowly growing up, and you're beginning to get your feet under you and discover you really don't care what immature brats do (which takes away their main weapon anyway). Even the schoolwork seemed easier to me. Oh, and… I was one of the dorky kids! But you know the funniest thing? At my class reunion, they only remembered GOOD things they envied about me! These kids who tormented me remember me as smart and independent and “with it.” It WILL get better.

  4. i girl i had a crush on in junior high told my friend that i was a nerd. i stepped back and looked at the facts and, sure enough, i WAS a nerd. it was devastating. i spent the next few years learning not to care so much. it's difficult, because, to a certain extent, it's good to care what other people think of you. it's just hard to turn off that reflected appraisal when others criticize you unreasonably. it's hard to step back and be happy with who you are at an age where you've never had to employ that skill. it is a skill. and it takes time to master. some people don't get there until they're well into their 20s. some never get it. i find that intelligent people usually manage to figure it out some time during college.

  5. Well I was in a Kindergarten through 8th grade school so I lost out on all the terrible teasing from my classmates. Of course as I was/am a nerd I could really care less about how someone teased me. Overall getting through it while keeping true to yourself is the goal. Highschool was much better as everyone forms different cliches there. Just learn to not let others barbs get to you, let their words slide right off. Of course if it gets physical then you may have to deal with it more on that level. As a nerd I was truly surprised no one tried to beat the crap out of me, must have been due to pure fear of my intelligence on their part :)

    Lorie you really should go dancing now, kids are mean but you should try to get over their jealousy of how pretty you looked in that dress.

  6. Jr. High and high school sucked, but long long down the line what matters most are the good friends you made and kept. My BEST BEST BEST friend I met in junior high and we are still friends almost 25 years later. When you get older that's what will matter, not the rest of the jerks :)

  7. OMG I hated middle school. And it was like double-whammie for me because we had to move to a new base just beforehand; so I was essentially a “new kid” at the school on the base. I hated it because I had no friends and was still trying to get accustomed to living in a foreign country. Talk about culture shock.

  8. thank you for righting this,
    I am in middle school right now adn hate it. somtimes i think i’d be better off dead. i know death is not the answer, but i won’t lie and say i havn’t thought of it. i absolotly hate middle school. i only have one 1 and a 1/2 years left. i can’t tell u how greatful i am to u for righting this cause i go home and cry everyday, but now i know im not alone. So thank u…

  9. 7Th grade was a private hell for me,moved during that school year, and it went from bad to worst for me cause my dad got a job in some small back woods town that really didn’t like outsiders,I can relate to kids of that age being real assholes!!! Fortunately I had some size on me,And defending myself was not too much of a problem, Fortunately I got respect real quick,but half of them teachers didn’t really like me,especially the football coaches,cause i refused to play football,He called me a name in front of the principle and that teacher was the same size as me and i told him to step outside and say that to my face again,of coarse that teacher never said anything else about that any more,gotta love mouthy people, Very shortly after that we moved away,far away from that hell, The next place was awesome it was heaven for me and i graduated with a lot of great people, Being a person who moved around a lot smaller schools are the worst, big schools seem easer to me,

  10. I learned a couple things about which insults were and were not socially acceptable, having just landed my spacecraft in some land outside of crackerville. After a couple rather energized brawls, I lost my color vision and became less of an asshole.

    I wasn’t the picked on kid, I was the new kid, and I didn’t take any shit or lose a singe grade point for it. That was probably because I was more irritated with my home life than my school life anyway.

    Thank God for Final Fantasy 1 by the way, it got me through so much during that period of my life.

  11. You girls have it so hard. I’m a gay senior in high school and i t was so freaking hard being in middle school. I remember guys in the locker asking if i was gay and i wasn’t sure till last year. (Actually i think i’m bi IDK) But the thing about middle school is you’ve got to find yourself no matter how hard it is. You have got to stand up for yourself. If someone calls you fat say i’m fat and i like it. I think the only fun thing about middle school is when you freely are able to cuss people out. It’s just so liberating, until of course you get into another rumble with the same person. Your girls are so awesome and you will all be great people if you just stick to your guts.

  12. yay! middle school sucks!im in 7 grade skinny a little old for my grade and i have red hair so i guess that make me a loser to them.its so hardi dodnt have any selfastem any more

  13. I know, I’m a 7th grader and middle school is soo hard, its a pain to juggle drama and school work! I used to date the most popular guy the summer before 6th grade but when i got to 6th grade all these other sleezy girls were popular so i was inbetween i was not nerdy but it was hard becasue some girls hated me before they met me so it is still difficult, but i just keep my head high and let mean comments slide off me! well nice girls will make it farther in life right???

    Mara :)

  14. Ya, I can relate to a lot of you I moved from spain when i was 1 to Cambodia then when i was 5 we moved to Argentina untill I was 7 then WA DC when i was 10 then to Lancaster CA which is where I am now! Pretty crazy but its life (My dad has a traveling job) when I’m in 9th grade my sis Paloma and my bro Luke and me and my parents are movin to Guatemala, SO crazy at least i speak spanish!

  15. Mara! I understand you!! I have lived in Bolivia, Estonia, Japan, Ireland and im now in Beljuim!! (I speak english I was born adn lived for 1 year in north dakota)

  16. It’s really refreshing to come back and read this and know that I have come so far from those hellacious middle school days. Yes, there is still friend drama and boy drama, but college is way better than I ever thought it could be. And I still have my ridiculously awesome sisters by my side.


    so i punched this motherfucker who was makin fun of me & pissin me off



  18. It’s not that bad. I’m in seventh grade. I’m not the prettiest girl, but I’m loving it. It’s so many friends(: I love it all. The boys I eat off the drama(: You have to love it and the boys hehe<3

  19. Junior high can be FANTSTIC or like living HELL ! I’m in grade seven, not ugly but not gorgeous kinda in the middle. I’m blonde so people like to make up jokes, I’m also in the challange program kids like to then make fun of the people in the “smart class” (us/my class.) I hate how some boys think their sooo cool, and they like to make fun of people. My friends are great until about a week ago. I’m in cheer so im really worried about all the competitions. So I made a comment on a back handspring picture. All I said was your legs are apart. But she found it rude, i dident realize that it was rude until afterward. but what hurt was that she brought this up through facebook during a sleepover with one of my other friends. it hurt so bad i was crying because they made me feel so bad. i knew i had did something wrong so i tried to appligize but she just said whatever good night and went offline. i hate it its so confusing!

  20. I’m in 7th grade and i hate it. all the boys are stupid perverts. most of the girls are on their way of becoming or already are sluts. also i get called emo and goth because i like black and wear it almost everyday,i listen to rock music, i don’t hang out with the popular kids, and because i have really long dark hair.for anyone going into middle school i will tell you one thing:BE STRONG!people will be annoying and mess with you and really the only way to solve this is to hurt them.not so much like make them draw blood but something like a punch in the stomach or a kick on the shin.

  21. Believe me, middle school can be your own personal hell. Each person knows exactly what will hurt you and cut you deep to the core. Luckily enough, I’m skipping grade eight, but going to a small school (70-ish kids) is terrible. When someone backstabs you, everyone knows, and for some reason, it seems like everyone goes to their side. Sixth grade isn’t that bad, really. You’re getting used to it, and the upperclassmen pity you. Then comes seventh grade. You don’t get the benefits of being the oldest, nor the benefits of being the youngest. It will be one of your worst years by far. I know it’s been one of mine. I’ve bawled my eyes out night after night. I’m ready to get out of there and head to high school. The transition will be crazy, from a tiny school to a 1500+ (5A) high school. I’m ready to get out of that terrible drama and be done with it. That’s my two cents. :) Thank you so much for writing this. These are my thoughts exactly.

  22. Middle school was alright for me, not too horrible, but not a lot of fun either. I’m in 11th grade now.
    When I was twelve and starting middle school, I still loved just being a kid. Playing with legos, climbing trees, watching cartoons, all that good stuff. It seemed like my friends were growing up so much faster than I was. I’ve always done well in school and loved learning, so that part wasn’t too bad. But I wasn’t popular, never wore makeup or anything besides a T-shirt and jeans or pants. But luckily most people knew who my older brother was, so I escaped a lot of teasing. I was so quiet though. I was lucky to have a pretty good group of friends and not get picked on. I’m thankful for that. Also, my 8th grade P.E. teacher was really really hot so that got me through some tough times in 8th grade.

  23. Right now I am enduring THE WORST years of my life. 6th grade sucked, 7th grade sucked even more, and 8th grade right now is pretty bad as well. I have low self esteem, I’m skinny as hell (or at least I think I am(runs in the family), I have some good friends, but I don’t hang out with them after school, plus I despise my BEST friend from 5th grade for acting like me and getting praise for it (students and teachers like him more).

    My best friend and I got into a fight and don’t talk to each other anymore. Ever since then, he’s gotten into a group of friends that he hangs out with in recess,talks to girls that I had previously had crushes on,has all the coolest clothes that are ridiculously expensive( anything to do with the fact he’s Jewish?)and has older siblings that I desperately wished I had.
    He also is much more handsome than me (at least I think that).

    He also is more muscular and fit than me by a lot. That kills me probably the most.

    You know why he pisses me off? He’s not too funny, has an excruciatingly annoying laugh, has yellow teeth, almost, if not smarter than me, has a parent with serious issues, is the same height as me,has two parents that didn’t have a lot of friends, and can afford much more than me. AND HE STILL IS BETTER OFF THAN ME.

    Please, someone tell me if High school will be better. I’m going to a different High School then him hopefully, but if I don’t I want to know if this will all IMPROVE

  24. in all sincerity this is a magnificent piece, my sister told me the same thing when I was that age and yeah I’m a guy but my self esteem was pretty low all through middle school. I wish more people knew about this, if I’d known someone other than my family was saying this then it would have made the whole thing much easier.

  25. Also high school is hella better than freaking middle school, you’ll go back to that school and either laugh at it, or give it the finger, or you’ll walk away and never go back. High school will challenge you academically I won’t lie, but provided you find the right people to hang out with, you’ll flourish.

  26. the only year that sucked for me was 6th since i didnt know english so i was put in esl with no one but 7th and 8th and they picked on me but then i got into highcap and i met four guys that i always hang out with now im going to high and everythings been awesome

  27. I’m in middle school right now and it SUCKS. Thank you so much for writing this— it’s great to know I’m not alone. I’m having trouble making friends because the school I go to starts in sixth grade, but I came to the school in seventh, so everyone had already formed their little cliques. They were really rude to me, so I ended up making friends with a bunch of misfits and kids who weren’t as popular. These people are my real friends.

  28. Middle school is alright for me. I’m in the 7th grade. It’s actually kinda fun. Going to the movies and hanging out ect…You have to show people that you are beautiful and be confident that you are smart ; That I am who I am and you cant change me. It makes people respect you more.

  29. Ah, I’m in 8th grade now and it seriously does suck. I’m made fun of a lot cause I’m not like a lot of the kids mostly cause I have mental problems. I’ve never kissed a girl or even had a girlfriend so that really sucks. All of the girls go after the popular assholes and leave quiet people like me to bite the dust. :(

  30. I got picked on, beat-up, identity issues, etc… Some of the challenges many of us faced growing-up. How did you deal with it? Fortunately, I just got picked on, spat-on, teased because I looked “different” (e.g. thus suffered with my identity), but not “beat-up”. I was very much small in height compared with my peers at my school (Battle Creek) , so I never even tried to “fight-back” with the peers that picked on me. Why did I get picked on? Not sure most of the time, but some were because I was a very studious “nerdy” looking Asian geek. They knew I did my homework, so one of them asked me to do his homework. I said “no” because I didn’t want to be used, so he pushed me against the lockers. Fortunately, one of my tall friends stuck-up for me, but he ended up getting pushed too. During this time, one of the teachers that happened to witness this intervened. This doesn’t always happen to many! Maybe God was watching me already..

    Chet McDoniel Tells a Story About a Bully Who Wanted to Fight

    What about peer pressure? Ever got pressured to smoke or do drugs? I was fortunate to be strong-willed enough to say “no” to drugs or smoking. I guess I remember there was a speaker that came to our classroom with a hole in his throat, which freaked-scared me growing-up. Thus, I never ever smoked and will never even try it in the future!

    .Anyways, some friends and I were talking about these “traumatic years” during this past weekend Men’s Retreat as the “worst years”. How about for you? Worst or Glory years? How can we (e.g. adults, parents, mentors, etc..) help those in junior high-middle school learn from our experience to get through these years?

  31. im in 6th grade and i go to a private school but used to go to public school. My schoolis really small and there is like 80 kids in the whole school so youy can imagine that the grades intermingle. I am a perfectly normal kid(and im sure since i have frieds that go to public school) and seems that every school ive been in i have a bunch of enemies who talked to me first. i dont do anything i have friends at the school and most people like me(i even had a girlfried at the start of the year but we never kissed, and i dont know if im early or everybody else is late but most people act like kissing someone is like murdering your mom) but these weird people who dont fit in come over and make fun of me. And i try to find friends out of school but the places in my area where kids hang out are closed because of the economy. i live in the area code 92119 so if you have any suggestions email me at ackables@gmail.com

  32. my sister is the most popular girl in 8th grade but not everybody likes her. All those people make fun of me since im the vulerable 6th grader. i want to cuss them out but thats just not how i do things and i can beat them up if i wanted to but that is just not how i do things. instead i talk my way out of situations(i just need to work on my comebacks).

  33. I despise middle school. I am tormented due to the overly verbose way in which I speak, and am forced to answer insipid questions that are thrown in an attempt to embarrass me. I am only glad I am going into IB next year. Good riddance.

  34. 6th grade was excruciating for me because I was so sensitive and shy, and I let all those assholes say what they wanted to me. 7th wasn’t all that bad as far as I remember, because I changed a lot and started to find myself, my talents, my style; who I am. I also found a good group of friends to be with. 8th grade, my current year (with only a month left), has been worse than I had anticipated during the summer. My “great” group of friends some how became dramatic and bitchy. What used to be a group of 8 has now turned into pieces, and I’m left with my best friend to hang out with. They backstabbed me and my best friend, and we were left in the dust. I’m glad I’ll get a fresh new start in High School next year.

    The things I hate about Middle School are drama, insecurity, the 5 hours of homework every night, my shyness/unsocialness (though I’m improving), and most of all, the people who care about no one but themselves. Pretty much everything. Please get me OUT OF HERE!!!

  35. well, i can say that i’m now in the 8th grade. i am almost finished. the exams are soon and once i finish them, its over!
    middle school sucked ass! from 5th to 8th grade were the worst of my life. i say for all:
    5th: wasn’t really bad but for begining,i wasn’t confortable.
    6th: a bit more difficult than 5th but still not really bad.
    8th: THE SECOND WORST YEAR IN MY OPINION! still not so hard as previous one but i have the exams soon as they will have 50% of all the medias on grades 5-8
    but that wasn’t all. this is the next bad part. THE FUCKING CLASS MATES! i had enough problems with them (not all of them but MOST, i think 20/32 because, we are 32)
    they weren’t leaving me alone. always doing bad jokes and i didn’t have any friend (or at least only one) but it still was bad. thank god that the school year is finished (only left are meditations and the exams in next week)
    once all it’s over, i can finally relax in next 3 months! hell yeah! but then it will start the high school and i dunno if it will be worse or better than middle school. i suppose will be fun. i really think that it couldn’t be worse than these years.

  36. I’m going into highschool this year and I’m a little worried. Middle AND elementary school sucked for me, I was never *bullied* or physically beat up, but friends were just so hard to come by. And then there were those mean popular kids. NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE FRIENDS ARE JERKS. But there was a good handfull of shitheads. I’m not the type to voice my opinions loudly and I’m extremely shy. People judged me to the point where I could feel “LOSER” Burning on my forehead. It’s like, nomatter how you act or what you do if you’re not friends with this certain group of people they’re going to make fun of you behind your back. The only reason I’ve survived is because I have amazing friends that surpass any quantity of fake friends. I just hope things get better.

  37. I just got out of middle school. I went to a small town school for grade school, but ended up in a larger school for Middle School. I didn’t know I was pretty at the time, and I was stereotyped “emo” for being depressed (I have mental sickness involving depression)and was usually pushed around into lockers (I could fit because of my size) andbeat in the bathroom. I mastered the skill of ignoring them in 7th grade year, where my friends and I crashed the valentines dance in skinny jeans and band tees, with black “hair paint” from halloween in our hair to turn it black. We made the preps stare at us, and we said, “yeah, we’re emo now, thanks to you” and walked out. The next day, a popular girl sat next to me at lunch, and asked if I wanted some ketchup for my fries. (To this day, she is one of my best friends) and after that, in 8th grade year, I started fighting back, not just with the girls, but with the guys. The guys would grab at me and push me and make sexual comments, and ask if I would blow them for money, cause they had plenty for me. I eventually got the strength to hit them, and after I left at the end of the semester to go to a homeschool thing, I was never messed with again. I kinda liked it haha. Middle school sucks, yeah, but it all eventually gets better, it’s just how you look at it.

  38. Middle school was sooo bad for me. I went to a private one and all the kids were snobs. I had a troubled family life at the time with my brother passing away and my mom not being home for 3 years, and to say the least I was pretty far behind on pretty much everything… personal hygiene, social etiquette, grades, attendance etc. It got to the point where going to school was so miserable with the way everyone treated me that I stopped going and never graduated 8th grade.

    I’m in college now and an adult and let me tell you life is so much different and better now! You just need to be strong and keep your goal in mind for what you want to do with your life and none of this stupid middle school and high school stuff will matter in the real world. : )

  39. You i was just an good kid in middle school i wasn’t much pciked on or bullyed people would crack a joke on me a couple times i wouldn’t but i’m 7 gread and this FUCKING is so god dam aynnoing that today oct 27 2011 i want to fucking KILL HER she kept getting into my business i was reading a book a good one she kept saying YOUR UGLY NO GIRL WILL EVER LIKE YOU YOU’ll BECOME GAY
    the funny part is she so much respect from the whole school and treats about half of them like SHIT this Girl so fucking bad that she tried “hitting on me” while you still call me ugly PS i’m a boy so does this make any scenes at all i was never pick on or bully alot until 7 grade i still don’t bully or pick on much so days that girl just makes the sun don’t shine

  40. FYI, it sucks for teachers too. Middle school teachers have the fight the urge to spray bullets all over the school every day. The kids are obnoxious little anal warts.

  41. Ahh seventh grade…
    Were everything matters too others.
    “She wore those pants that are loose from the bottom!”
    “she has crooked teeth!”
    “shes ugly!”
    Not only she’s theirs he’s too.
    Dont worry! Dont let people change you.
    Junior highs is probably the worst year of my life.
    I had crooked teeth and people made fun of that.
    I didnt care, never bothered me; pull me down.
    Its just two years it’ll past, high school you’ll be laughing at the one who hurt you.
    High school will be better (:
    Dont get sad if boys hurt you.
    After all, middle school, is just two years of your life (:
    Live life happy (:
    Dont like me? Your loss!
    Hang in there and dont let go, its ganna be a big ride. (:

  42. well…IM IN SIXTH GRADE! the beggining of the year i was so excited that i would be in middle school. My princible is a CLOSE family friend and kept telling us this year would be great! And i have to say, my princible is a big liar. See there was this 7th grade boy i really really like *love* and we started dating. At one of pur stupid schools bonfire, we decided to go behind the agg building and well kiss. While we were in the middle of our kiss my mom came around the building screaming my name… Did i mention that im a country girl and josh is a gangster type of guy? Well hes not my mamas favorite for sure. We broke up about a month after that but he wanted another girl in my class so they started dating and at the football game they got together she brought a girl she knew for a ling time before she moved here and that girl she brought had make-up that looked like she had a big black eye. Everyone told her to go fix her make-up but me and she started telling everyone that she wanted to fight me! I walked away from her and karla (the one that brought the crazy chick) started texting me that im a weenie and a coward and all this crap. I texted her back telling her to leave me alone and go kiss your new boyfriend. She didnt like that so she got that crazy chick to come up to me and push me and say, “at least i have a mother that loves me” so i shoved her out of my way and started crying. Everyone knew my mother hasnt liked me at all since the bon fire. I was so upset that i told the superintendent about it and she told the princible. So during first hour that same morning he pulled me and karla in the library. He told us that if it ever happened again then we would BOTH be expelled. But i wonder if he knew that the day after the bonfire karlas brother called me and pretended to be our princible. He asked for my parents but i wouldnt let him speak to them because i knew he was pretending to be somebody hes not. And im pretty sure thats illeagle… Josh and karla broke up after that andnow its christmas break. The other day he randomly started texting me and i was happy he did. He asked me if i wanted to try his new bed with him he got for x-mas. Then i asked him why he is keeping my bracelett and he said that it had sentimental value. I asked him if we could ever be together again and he said in the future. The next day we txted again but when i said hey he said i hate you i asked why and he woukdnt tell me.

  43. 1 word. Dull. i used to go to a well budgeted school in houston by nasa. i had a decent amount of friends, a girl i liked, she told me she liked me too. it was allright. then we moved to some crummy town in the middle of timbuktoo. im in the 8th grade. i have a few ‘aquantances’ but no real friends. i get usually B’s, few A’s. no one really talks to me. eat lunch by myself. its not bad, but its not like my last year. its…well…dull. it will probably be like that in high. i dont care. everyones a dumbass

  44. Ugh. Middle school was the worst for me. I got called ugly weekly, and it semed like nothing about me was good enough for anyone. Then, highschool hit, and everything was so much better. I got a boyfriend, a new group of friends, and my family didn’t hate me like they did in middle school (?) Anyway, things get a lot better. The saying that kept me going along in life is “people throw stones at people that shine.” I realize now that’s true.

  45. I’m in the sixth grade right now and it’s funny cuz in my shool ( or at least the honors part of the hallway ) we don’t really have any of the you don’t have the right close or hairstyle or personality. I’m an all A student and I have a lot of friends but only 3 close friends that I tell my secrets to (1 is a guy). The only drama that directly relates to me is people inkin that I’m goin out with my guyfriend ( I’m not ) when are people gonna realize that guys and girls can be just friends? I’ve never had a boyfriend but I give great advice on boys and when it’ll people that that certain boy is bad news it always turns out to be true.im not tonna lie that I wouldn’t mind to have a boyfriend but I don’t understand how people can stab eachother in the back.my advice to anyone in middle school is: if anyone talks bad about you just ignor them and remind yourself that they are just jealous, stay true to yourself, boys aren’t worth the trouble, girl without make up are the most beautiful, stay out of drama and don’t create it ( that’s what I do and the only stress I have is tryin to finish my band homework on time and figuring out my math homework ), basically just ignor the haters love your friends, live laugh love and play!! :grin: my philosophy: benice to everyone even if you don’t particulary like them

  46. i went to a new school in 8th grade. when i got there, no one came near me or even talked to me(except the teachers). i tried to make friends but im sort of shy and no one would talk to me. there’s only about 400 kids there, so everyone already had friends. then, to make the eating-lunch-by-yourself-walking-down-the-hall-alone and the omg whos that(snob voice), this cheerleader and her friend start to bug me. “your too quiet your weird your short” now the who school thinks im a freak and they WONT STOP!!!!

  47. guys middle schl is a bitch im in 7th 6th sucked my bff was the most unpopularest kid i wasnt popular and didnt want to be i had only 1 real gf i saw everyday and i turned my back bec i trusted her and she cheted on me 6th grad sucked

  48. im in eighth grade, and trust me if there is ever a nice guys finish last story its me. I am always sticking up for people and nobody notices or cares. and if someone ever told you that your actions will influence others behaviors then that person lied. i am just saying that after you get out of middle school you might want to go to prison for some r and r.

  49. I’m in 7th grade. I’m somewhat popular and I’m probably one of the most prettiest girls in my school (not trying to brag) and its horrible. All the guys love me and the girls can be kinda mean to me. I don’t wear makeup or flat iron my hair to death I also am a little diff then people. I don’t have a Facebook instagram or whatever and I’m not in any sports cuz I’m clumsy. I don’t understand why being different is bad. Being different is a good thing. Middle school just beats the crap out of you there is no normal there is just ridiculous. BE DIFFERENT!!!!!! Cuz “normal” is ridiculous!!

  50. I absolutely hated middle school. I always felt like I had to be someone else for people to like me but one day I woke up and realized that who cares what anyone else thinks?

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