trying to be normal

For several weeks I’ve been searching for a good, cheap spring bag to carry my stuff around in. I was tempted by the bright pink Isaac Mizrahi bag at Target, but I needed a bag that wouldn’t clash with the pink coat. So I finally got one. And it appears to work well with the pink coat. I’ve gotten lots of compliments.

I haven’t written because I’ve been having motivational difficulties. Writing is a challenge. Working is a challenge. Calling back my friends (I have voice mails from five or six people that I haven’t responded to yet) is a challenge. Going to the hospital is a challenge. Leaving once I’m there is a challenge. Getting out of bed is a challenge.

It’s hard, sometimes, to believe that only a few weeks ago I felt so full of possibility. I know that things are going to be okay eventually, but right now eventually seems an awful long way away.

Sammi and Jamie wrote their feelings about the whole thing on their own sites. I’m alternately impressed that they express themselves so well at 16 and 13, and sad that they have to go through this at all at 16 and 13.

But it’s not all bad, you guys. I swear. Last night, Mom and Dad and Sam and Jay and I were finally all together for probably the first time since the wreck. We ate dinner and watched American Idol, and ripped on the contestants and joked around and laughed and made fun of each other and even though we missed having Ginny there, it was the most family time we’ve had in a while. And we went to Target this weekend, finally, and to see Return of the King again, and we’re sort of trying to be normal whenever possible.

It’s just that trying to be normal is taking up a little more time than it used to.

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  1. i'm so sorry lorie-i wish the end of the rainbow was right next to your desk right at this very moment blinding you with it's spectrum of possabilities; i wish things like this made more sense then they do; and i wish their was some magical choice of words to make you believe that wishes do come true.

    your family and you are in my prayers.

    ps-love the purse.

  2. I'm with Mike here. Again. Do hang in there. And when you get a chance, go for a short run… I always think that's the key cure!


  3. I hear you lorie; I'm a fan of <a href=”

  4. I'm with Hugo; a short run or similar exercise will give you a bounce of energy. Even a long (over 3 miles), brisk (over 4 mph) walk at lunch can help.

    It's good to know that Ginny is in good hands and is firmly on the road to a full recovery. Please remind her that she has a fan club here.

  5. AH I miss Target – no Targets in London. I've got Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace but no Target! Injustice! Cute purse though :)

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