Comic Sans Strikes Again

Okay. So. Someone I work with recently updated a chart we use in the office which explains some of the codes we use.

It’s in Comic Sans.

Once it’s revised, I’m assuming that it’s going to be photocopied and distributed around the office so we can put it on our bulletin boards for reference.

Problem is, there’s no way in bloody hell that I’m displaying anything typed in Comic Sans anywhere in my office. My brain will be eaten by crazybugs if I have to look at it every day.

I wish there were a diplomatic way to say that I don’t want anything in Comic Sans, ever, but I can’t come up with anything that doesn’t make me sound like an anal-retentive psycho bitch.

Which is basically what I am, and that’s why I’ll probably end up retyping the entire document myself in an appropriate typeface, or sticking with the old, outdated one (because I’m familiar enough with the system that I use this reference chart infrequently). Because I am exactly that anal.

* * *

Sam and I had fun with the digital camera on Saturday. Check it out here.

9 Replies to “Comic Sans Strikes Again”

  1. Aw, at some font site I took a “What Font Are You?” quiz, and I was curlz. How mortifying. Anywho, just ask her to change the font. Don't give a reason or any explanation, cause that shit's just gonna make you sound insane.

  2. comic sans is unprofessional, and she should be. if I were you I'd tell her that, 1 to piss her off and 2 to get my way. But there's a reason I'm not the boss. Good luck.

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