Saturday Night with the Younger 3

March 15, 2003

The Younger 3 and I went to Ragazzi’s tonight. I was supposed to go out with S and B (I think they’re trying to fix me up with one of B’s friends) but those plans fell through so I took the Y3 out to dinner instead. So much for that non-spending-money thing.

We had a really weird, although nice, extremely soft-spoken waiter. I kept having to ask him to repeat himself. And when he came to ask us how our food was, he rubbed his belly when he asked. Like “is it nummy good?” And he apologized for our bread basket becoming empty. Well, it became empty because we ATE THE BREAD, dude.

We had our food served to us by the hottest server boy on Earth, and just as he walked up TG and I happened to be holding hands lovingly and pretending to be dates. Then we flirted with Hot Server Boy. TG says she’s never washing her left hand again, because Hot Server Boy touched it when he gave her her plate.

Ragazzi’s serves generic Sweet & Low. It’s called Sweet Thing. We thought it would be funny if they had generic Equal and called it SameAs.

Also, tallgirlsam the ho TOOK OFF HER SHOE and proceeded to caress my thigh with her socked foot right in the middle of dinner. All barybabe and Witchy got was this sudden but calm remark from me: “Put your shoe back on and get your foot Off. My. Thigh.”

You had to be there.

I bought three previewed movies at Blockbuster:

1. Blue Ridge Fall, because I don’t know why.

2. Kill The Man, because Luke Wilson is in it.

3. Rock Star, because I think Marky Mark is hot, and it was only $6.99, and if I bought it I got one of the others free, so there. Also because I’m a geek.

barybabe bought On The Line, however, so she’s more of a dork.


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