i will do these things to remember you

  1. I will give every year to the educational fund for your niece.
  2. I will go out to a nice dinner on what would have been your 40th birthday. You can pay me back later.
  3. I will write my book, and get it published.
  4. I will begin giving blood again.
  5. I will do my very best to look at the world with the wonder you always loved in me.

2 Replies to “i will do these things to remember you”

  1. Are you better this April than when you wrote these? Is Seth still with you?

    When you go to dinner on Frank’s 40th birthday, raise a glass to him, but also to yourself. You made it through the year. We all did. Raggedly, harshly, savagely beaten, permanently scarred. But we are here, and we stand united. He will never be gone from us. If we loved him, he still loves us back. If he loved us, he will never stop loving us.

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