sorrow for the hokie nation

Hey, guys.

Everyone here is kind of freaking out right now about the shootings at Virginia Tech. For those of you who do not know, a gunman went on campus this morning and killed, at last report, at least 21 students and wounded at least that many more. VT is pretty close to Family HQ, and as it’s a huge school, everyone here knows someone or is related to someone who’s on campus right now. For a few of you who worried, I do not work there and I am just fine. We have gotten in touch with everyone we know and love who’s connected with the school and all of our friends and loved ones are safe and unharmed right now. This is obviously a huge tragedy that affects our entire community and if I hear anything else worth sharing, I’ll keep you posted. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers today.

CNN has the most accurate breaking coverage, I think; read here. You can also get live local coverage from our friends at WSLS.

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  1. 30 kids… that’s friggin’ ridiculous. What the hell is going on. …and a bomb threat there just recently, right?

    This really sucks. -and now the guy’s dead so, unless he was nice enough to leave a note like our Texas man in ’66, we’re gonna be left guessing. :(

  2. this is the only place I can come to and still freak out about this.

    30 kids. What the fucking fuck?

  3. I know Roanoke isn’t far, so I came over to check on you, Lorie…

    This Cal Golden Bear (and devoted supporter of the Cavs — Wahoo wah and all that) grieves with the Hokie nation.

  4. Thank God all of our friends and love ones at VT are safe. Please pray for all those families that have lost someone. As a father with kids in school and being on a campus myself, I can only imagine what these folks are going through. It could happen anywhere. For those parents out there, make sure you tell your kids you love them.

  5. very sad day in Roanoke, Blacksburg, and beyond. I really felt bad for the Columbine folks, but it is very different in your back yard.

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