Things I Am Not Doing

  1. Attempting to write a novel in a month.
  2. Blogging about my shoes every day for a month.
  3. Posting something, even if it’s crap, every day for a month. (I prefer to spread my crap out, see.)

7 Replies to “Things I Am Not Doing”

  1. Would you like to add to the rolls of people who are betting me ludicrous amounts of ash from $10-$1000 that I can’t write 50,000 words of novel this month?

  2. You can get people to bet you on NaNoWriMo? It’s not that hard! Not that I’m doing it this year.

    Anyway, Lorie, another thing you’re not doing is gloating over the Allen concession, right? Right? Lorie? Heh.

  3. Check out DefectiveYeti. He’s started his own NaNoReMo – National Novel Reading Month and he’s just blogging daily about his progress through Moby Dick. Pretty funny.

  4. Wow. This morning when I sat down to write my “I’m too busy to blog” blog entry I considered publishing a list very much like this. It was n my head last night as I went to sleep, but I couldn’t fully recall it this morning. Hence, I hatched Plan B.

  5. Apparently there’s also NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where you post every single day too, and a slew of others I am totally forgetting. Don’t these people understand?? November has got to be possibly the WORST month to try and do all this stuff.

  6. Well, I’m pleased, as cK, you and Snarky Girls are a part of my morning coffee ritual. It’s good to start one’s day with a laugh.

  7. First off, I just learned that posting a comment here by using the phonernet is not avisable. I think i ttied to put the whole comment in the website box.

    Secondly, Sandy, when you are working 30 hours a week at a day job, teaching two college courses and two after school classes, and a three days into November your roommate tells you to find a new place to live, it’s THAT HARD. Plus, when you are a person who dreams big but is bad at planning, or a person who teaches online despite the way that anything involving a computer melts you into a pool of wasting time reading lifehacker (ironically) and fleshbot (not so ironic), it’s also THAT HARD. *smile*

    And Amy–are you the one who once claimed to post comments without reading the entry? I thought Lorie was referring to NaBloPoMo when she wrote this one. :-)


    *well, sometimes snarky. but i mean well!

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