Things That Seem Like They’d Make Good Posts, But Won’t

  1. I am craving sushi every day all the time. I would actually go and get some sushi if I had more than $2 in the bank. I am trying not to die from my sushi cravings before Friday, when I will get paid and have money for sushi.
  2. I joined a book club on the internet and was insanely excited about it. I totally recognize that this makes me a dorky little old lady and that pretty soon I’ll be buying a Hoveround from QVC.
  3. Mom, Sammi, and I went furniture shopping last weekend and Sammi and I decided to make a game out of bouncing like kindergartners on the ugliest, plaidest sofas we could find in a successful attempt to annoy my mom into saying something funny. What she finally said, with complete Our Mom Death Stare, was, “Dead daughters don’t wear plaid.”
  4. Classical Baroque singing is really very different from what I’m used to, but it’s different in a way that’s mostly fun. Bonus: I have had All We Like Sheep stuck in my head for days now.
  5. I have now had at least three dreams about seeing Barenaked Ladies concerts in unorthodox situations (nearly-empty high school auditorium, interactive parking lot).
  6. My marching band alumni newsletter notes that the band “is resuming a tradition we haven’t seen for nearly two decades: a championship-caliber feature twirler….” I would just like to point out that the tradition was dead for two decades because feature twirlers are gimmicky and sucky.

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  1. Good to hear you are enjoying your singing. Wait til you hit more complicated, nuanced works and THEY stick in your head.

  2. Eeeeeee-YA!!!! A feature twirler donnybrook and dust up!! As they say in South Dakota, it’s gravel time.

  3. I happen to enjoy having a feature twirler in the band, and we don’t think year because our last one Jamie (who was awesome btw) graduated. When I first got here we had Ba-tonya… who was also awesome, and it was also awesome that since her name was tonya we could call her batonya….

    Band feels a little less sparkly without a twirler… in my humble opinion… but with that said… I would quit band if we got a twirling squad! At least though in the absence of a twirler our guard got to use rifles this year for the first time in forever.. if ever.

  4. Have you done any interesting jazz works? What has been some of your favorite material up to this point?

  5. I studied jazz improv singing in college and loved it, though it took me a long time to figure out and I’m still not sure I’m very good at it. I also really enjoyed performing Morten Lauridsen’s arrangement of O Magnum Mysterium in college. A few of the movements in the Messiah are among the most difficult I’ve ever sung; the sixteenth note runs in “His Yoke Is Easy” are particularly challenging because there are some tricky intervals in there and they don’t always follow an expected pattern (although they DO follow a pattern – it’s just a new one to learn). I did a gospel arrangement of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus that I absolutely loved, and I had a solo on the canto section in a gospel arrangement of Amazing Grace that kicked my ass mainly because it had several notes above B5, which is about the tippy top of my range.

    Any foreign language piece with rolled Rs is a challenge for me, because I’ve never been able to do that well.

  6. Good selections! Thrilled to hear about the jazz improv, highly creative.

    Some of my favorites include Faure’s and Mozart’s Requiems, Bach B Minor Mass, Handel’s Dixit Dominus, Berlioz’ Romeo and Juliet Operatic Symphony, Carmina Burana, various Brahms, and so forth. Played guitar in the college jazz band and did a concert (singing with group) with the Preservation Jazz Hall Band. I have Scottish heritage and studied Spanish, so the Rs roll out like a truck load of lifesavers…

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