Quick poll: does the blue I used for the links and such make your eyes bleed, or just mine?

8 Replies to “Seriously”

  1. I like the blue. Then again, I’ve got this “reading” thing down* and so don’t spend all that much time glaring at text.


    *Truth is, I’m dyslexic and staring at words too long doesn’t do me any good anyway so you could make the links easter yellow and I’d still be fine. …or pretend I was fine.

  2. Ah, it ain’t so bad. It’s light, but not destructive.

    So long as they aren’t yellow fonts: the angriest and least legible of all fonts.

  3. just you.

    though it dos show up a bit blurry on ye olde LCD.

    i think that is my imac, not you.

  4. My contacts are really getting to me today. Could it be because they are four-week contacts and I’ve been wearing them since February?

    I do give them a rest on nights and weekends though.

    In any case, the blue looks as angry as yellow to my weary eyes today.

  5. I have contacts that I’m supposed to throw away every two weeks, and I’ve been pushing the limits lately. But I didn’t know you could stretch those things out for months. Thanks for the tip! ;)

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