Downward Spiral

After finally succumbing to a very fitful sleep sometime after 1 in the morning, I woke up for good at about 5:30 today. Nyquil did me no good whatsoever last night, and my sore throat has gotten bad enough that I woke up every time I swallowed. And that was in addition to waking up every time I had to cough. Oh, and I drooled a lot. Isn’t that completely insanely sexy?

In desperation I came downstairs in the dark, made a big-ass cup of warm salt water, and got on the computer to see if I could come up with a better home remedy. By the way, gargling the salt water is nearly impossible at this point – it hurts too much – so I was sipping it instead. After reading websites for a little while, I would have tried to gargle with cayenne pepper if I’d had any, but I did not. So instead I drank some pickle juice straight out of the jar of baby dills I keep in the fridge. And then I (slowly and with lots of pain) ate a snack cup of peaches and drank the syrup. It’s a wonder I didn’t barf from the combination of salt water, pickle juice, and peaches I ingested.

I can’t drink my usual morning Diet Coke because the bubbles hurt. And I’m basically incapable of swallowing any solid food now.

This morning I went to Kroger and got some Throat Coat tea and a honey bear, and throughout the morning I’ve been sipping the tea and taking occasional straight shots of honey out of the bear. It’s helping a little, but not much.

My voice is almost completely gone, so between the severe throat pain and the lack of voice I haven’t been talking much. The only good news is that not talking seems to keep the coughing to a minimum as well.

But this sucks. I don’t know what else to do, and if it gets as bad tonight as it was last night, or worse, I’m not sure how I’m going to make it.

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  1. Previously I empathized with you, but my throat and voice are on the mend while yours have worsened. So I suppose I sympathize now. Yet, I’m laughing out loud at this post. Does this make me insensitive?

    Pickle juice from the jar? Guh!!

  2. Try TheraFlu. It will help your throat and it will help you sleep. The only problem is it doesn’t taste very good.

    Maybe you should have your tonsils removed.

  3. I’m scared of TheraFlu. Have you seen how much acetaminophen it contains? And don’t take it on an empty stomach because it totally made me all jittery.

  4. My only recommendation is echinacea, zinc, and/or vitamin C but you’ve probably already tried any or all of the above…

    That sucks you are feeling so terrible, I hope you get better asap!

  5. Can you crush 2 ibuprophen, dissovle in water, and swallow? They will help to reduce swelling and pain.

  6. God, dude, you might want to look into getting your tonsils out. You are severely sick A LOT! I hope you feel better!

  7. I have no tonsils and no anoids and that’s the reason others give for my being sick a lot. Don’t listen to people, people don’t know anything.

    You should, however, have more popsicles.

  8. Dear Lorie and All:

    I have admired Jamey Singleton, WSLS weatherman since the first day he started at WSLS. I have tried to write him several times to let him know how much I admire him as a person and professionally — in fact, I truly consider him a HERO, but have received no response. I was really struggling emotionally because during a six month period in 1996, I had a great aunt whom I was like one of her children and a paternal grandfather to pass away. I would turn on the television and say to myself “if Jamey can get through the day so can I” and would watch the weather daily. I felt so connected to his story when he talked about his drug abuse and rehab — I wanted to do something personally. My heart just broke for Marc Lamarre and Jamey. I am a twenty seven year old male who is a Mental Health Counselor for children and adolescents. I just want an opportunity to thank him personally. Any advice?

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