10 Replies to “Obligatory After-The-Office Post”

  1. NO! BOO! I wrote about this already today. I’m all about some Jim Halpert, but I hate how much is focused on Jam!

  2. See, I’m okay with it, and here’s why:

    1. After two seasons, that relationship has to move somewhere or that arc will stagnate, and that makes for bad TV.

    2. I think the moment/the relationship, while awesome (for me), did not dominate this episode, which was very well-written and multi-layered as are most of the episodes (hence my love for the show). They could have made the whole episode about Pam & Jim and shippers would have LOOOVED it. But they didn’t. And that’s good.

    3. I trust the writers to treat the material well, and I expect the Jim/Pam thing, however it may turn out, will be used as a foil for the Dwight/Angela thing.


    I gave it yet another chance last night. That’s four chances now.

    It’s degenerated into Friends, only shot with handheld cameras.

  4. ginny totally said that just to piss you off….
    i know…
    i can read her…..

    that and the british version is a different type of funny, not better

  5. I finally got around to seeing it this weekend (terrible, I KNOW), and hot damn that was awesome. September is just too damn far away…. :)

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