Two Years

Tomorrow, at 7:45 Eastern time, I’ll be in the sky somewhere between Philadelphia and Las Vegas. My mom will be in Salisbury, North Carolina. Sammi will be in Lynchburg. Ginny will be in Harrisonburg. Dad and Jamie will be at home.

But our hearts and minds will all be in the same place.

I thought for a long time about what I’d write for tomorrow, and ultimately, I decided I didn’t want to write something big this time. We’ve come a very long way. You all know that, and a lot of what I wrote last year is still true.

I will say a quiet little prayer for Ginni and Michael and Janae tomorrow night. If there’s a heaven, I hope they are well and happy there. And I’ll give thanks for Fallon and Timothy and our Ginny, and I’ll hope they are well and happy here.

6 Replies to “Two Years”

  1. I think this year is gonna be harder for me than last year because I don’t have everyone here with me. I already cried a few times today (well I guess it’s yesterday now) but I’m trying to not get too depressed about it. I love you!

  2. You guys have been a portrait of human resilience. When I read that post last year, I thought everything would change. I didn’t know how, but I figured that when things like that happen to people, everything spirals downward. I don’t know any of you, but it seems like you all stuck together and toughed it out in a way that only a uniquely weird and close family could. Way to go. As MC Hammer said: “That’s why we pray.” I don’t pray, but I get it now.

  3. Of course, when I clicked on the first link I automatically thought that this all had happened today.
    I can’t read, my apologies.
    Anyway, I was shocked when reading that but glad that over the past two years, things have started to return to semi-normal. Good luck today and have fun in Vegas.

  4. mike: “I made the room go quiet. This is embarrassing.”

    Probably the Hammer reference.

  5. The soundtrack for the film settles into something kinder, something reassuring – almost hopeful. Solsbury Hill is right around the corner and the credits are still far off yet…

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