FRT and Odds and Ends – UPDATED

**Update 11/17/06: Please go to this post for my thoughts on Jamey Singleton’s release from WSLS.**

My Friday Random Ten today looks like iTunes thinks I’m having severe personal issues. Really, I’m not.

1. “Tranquillizer” – Geneva
2. “I Am Over It” – The Dandy Warhols
3. “The Only Living Boy In New York” – Simon & Garfunkel
4. “December” – David Gray
5. “Blame It On My Youth” – Jamie Cullum
6. “Take Me To The Pilot” – Elton John
7. “Fake Plastic Trees” – Radiohead
8. “Stories For Boys” – U2
9. “3 Men” – Bob Wiseman
10. “Don’t Panic” – Coldplay

About the underwear-on-backwards thing: really, I’m not a prude, and normally I’d have no problem whatsoever going into the public bathroom and doing a switcheroo. But when I wrote that, I was thinking about the main bathroom on the first floor of this building, which has a lot of traffic and wide gaps in the stalls, and I didn’t want people I worked with to walk in and catch a glimpse of my nethers.

About the privacy thing: I’ve decided to set up a mailing list for some private posts. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll use it or if it will work well for what I’m thinking of, but if you are interested in joining it, please use the contact form on this site to let me know.

And finally: I have been getting an absolutely ridonkulous number of search hits for Marc Lamarre this week. Like, hundreds. For those of you who don’t live here, Marc Lamarre was a very popular meteorologist on our local news who suddenly disappeared from the newscasts last week. His name came up in comments on a post I wrote a long time ago, and I’ve been getting some comments and emails in the last few days about him, including a rumor that he died of an overdose.

For the record, channel 10 says he’s not dead. The station will not comment on the reasons for letting him go. I too have heard the rumors about drugs and rehab and whatnot and I don’t know if they’re true. I don’t know the guy at all, but I thought he was a great personality on the local news and I’m sorry to see him go. If it’s true that he has a drug problem, that’s very sad and I hope he’s able to get it straightened out.

Honestly, though, I have no idea where the “dead of an overdose” rumor came from, but I’m pretty sure he’s still alive somewhere. You’ll all just have to get your weather from now on from loyal reader and chronic self-Googler Jamey Singleton instead.

UPDATE: News on Marc Lamarre’s heroin overdose.

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  1. So anyone can join the mailing list for the private posts? That doesn’t sound right. Aren’t you worried you may have to just come out and tell people they’re not actually invited? Otherwise, it doesn’t sound all that private. Good luck with that.

    Fake Plastic Trees has just taken root in my brain.

  2. Well, I’ld like to be on your mailing list for at least those private posts that you’d consider sharing with a long-time reader.

    Did you notice how many of your songs mention boys, men, and youth?

  3. Hugo, I did notice that – I actually thought you might as well, once I posted it!

  4. I’m still stuck on the Marc Lamarre thing; it’s so bizarre.

    Oh, you know to sign me up, too.

  5. WHAT?! Fred Flintstone’s doing drugs!? That is so random and wierd… i’m so out of the loop here. There’s nothing at all scandalous about the NBC 29 News Team from C’Ville…. I hate them.

  6. Marc Lamarre is a personal friend of mine. We shared a relationship prior to my meeting and marrying my husband. I can honestly state that I never witnessed or had any knowledge of Marc experimenting with or having a ongoing drug problem. This is a man who is totally into living a healthy lifestyle. He seldom drank, worked out beyond ridiculous, and was conscious of every morsel he consumed. It just doesn’t add up for me. For the record, Marc told me four years ago that he and WSLS management had a somewhat strained relationship. Hmmmmmmmm……..

  7. so far my favorite comment i found online is :
    WSLS – Your Source For News And Heroin Addicted Weathermen

  8. I agree with Jennifer. I, too, had a relationship (who hasn’t it seems -ha, I can snicker at that now) with Marcel (as he prefers to be called) prior to my marriage and never once did I see any elicit drugs or drug use at his apartment. HOWEVER, his behavior, thinking back now, does coinside with drug use. But he’s also moderately bi-polar, perhaps that was accountable for his up and down moods. Like Jennifer said, he rarely drank, worked out like a mad man and really was very aware of what he ate and where he ate. Also similar to what she said, I was never told of a strained relationship with WSLS but he implied there was one. That’s my two cents. Let’s not forget, sometimes in these situations, the person you think mostly unlikely to have this type of problem, in fact, does. Look at Jamey. Who would’ve guessed?

  9. Guess what? I also had a relationship with Mr. Marcel! I didn’t know anything about him taking any illegal drugs but he spoke often about the meds it he took for severe depression. He also implied there was a strain relationship with management of WSLS.
    Who knows for sure. Anytime Jennifer and Melissa would like to discuss Marcel they are welcome to write me. I think it would be interesting to compare stories. :)


  10. Well well, yet another lovely young woman taken by Marcel’s good looks. Ughh, can you believe we fell for that? Hey, I’m not going to complain, it was good while it lasted although it’s a little disconcerting to think we’re probably just one (or three in this case) of dozens of women, perhaps hundreds. Who knows! I just hope he gets the help he needs and thankful that we got away from him before it all “went down” – so to speak.

    My wish is that he pulls himself together and finds a happy life, because he wasn’t ever happy in Roanoke.

  11. Believe me Melissa we’re definitely not the only three taken in by Marcel’s smoothe talk and charm. I personally felt sorry for him is why I hung in there with him for as long as I did. I hope he’ll accept the help that’s being offer and stay with it, right now I’m not confident that he will. I know he used me and others for his gains. Whenever he was confronted about it he would either deny it or flip it around to were it became the other person’s fault. So I know he has more problems than heroin. I do hope he pulls himself up and gets himself away from the drugs and come to realize how much he has hurt the people that cared about him.

  12. Wow. Right on Trista. I’ll admit Marcel and I weren’t “together” long, only 9 months, but you’re exactly right he does have more problems than his addition to heroin. It’s strange you mention this, but I too felt unusually sorry for him. Here’s this incredibly handsome man, who seemingly has everything yet has NOTHING at all, except his small apartment and two cats and now, no job. I tried to be caring and supportive when he was feeling down but he didn’t want my “love” (I use that term loosely-I wasn’t in love with him nor he with me, but I believe people can show each other love) and I was trying to do that as his friend but many times he acted like he didn’t want a woman to support him or help him. He was too involved in “having” as many women as he possibly could with no committment, is what I think. So glad we wised up. All of Marcel’s “women” should unite and let him know the hurt he’s caused, whether it was intentional or not!

  13. Melissa,

    Please contact Lorie for my address. I would like to talk more about Marcel with you, but privately.

  14. Melissa,

    I’m still hoping you will consider talking with me. It seems we have some things in common concerning Marcel. I’ve kept many things to myself for a very long time and think it will be good to talk to someone who has dealt with a similar situation.

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