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    What a fucking crazy game. I keep showing up at the bar halfway through the 2nd quarter, and it keeps being 21-X at that point.

    crazy shit.

    You should totally be at homecoming next week….

  2. Poor poor Michigan State. And apparently poor poor every sportscaster in the universe. Nice one, Lorie.

    Hey, ARE you going to be at Homecoming next weekend?

  3. we lost today… :( and :) … at least I’ll probably get to be home for thanksgiving, cause we probably won’t be going to playoffs this year.. they just can’t win without the band on the road!

  4. Sadly, I will not be at Homecoming. I’ve already committed to judge a band competiton that day, and I’m going to be in Chicago next month on business/pleasure anyway (although of course I’ll be there when NU has two road games…grr…). I will be watching on TV, though!

  5. Lorie. I’ve never met you — but as someone totally uninterested in Big Ten football, I’m rooting for the Purple now on your behalf. Friendly reciprocal thoughts for Cal would be appreciated!

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