It’s What Gets Me, Too

This expresses my feelings better than anything I’ve read in the last two weeks (and I’ve read a lot):
Here’s What Gets Me

My problem with Bush — and here, I do indeed address Bush individually, as a guy — is that during the time that the crisis was developing, from Monday to Friday, he never seemed to experience any actual sense of urgency as a result of the simple fact that people were, minute by minute and hour by hour, dying.

It’s a little long, but every word of it is worth reading.

5 Replies to “It’s What Gets Me, Too”

  1. Have you seen the picture of Bush looking out the window of Air Force One while it flew over New Orleans? His fists were clenched and his face has this ridiculous look on it, like someone had gone over there and molded the expression on with their fingers, or like the photographer had just said, “Give me … Jupiter!” Before this happened I liked to think that even he had some shred of humanity in him. He doesn’t. We all keep looking, but it’s not there. And it never will be.

  2. …sorry to bring it up again but his wife, the First Lady, where the fK is she? When he was in the plane – she was in Crawford, wrapping up her vacation. There are no kids to take care of… she just didn’t feel like she needed to get involved.

    The world is watching and they’re thinking: There you go again, US. You’re no better than anyone else after all.

  3. Have you read what Keith Olbermann said the other night? Did I forward that to you? This piece by Miss Alli is good, but I feel the same what about what Keith Olbermann said that you do about this.

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