My desk = chaos.
My office = chaos.
My house = chaos.
My life = chaos.
My checking account = nearly empty.
My head = hurty.
My throat = hurty as well.

Today I need to:
– call and cancel newspaper subscription
– call Telecheck and ask them why they are assholes
– put my rent check in the mail
– write a change-of-address letter and check for car loan
– get gas
– clean out my fridge.

Next two weeks looks like:
Tonight = laundry, pack, clean bathrooms, vacuum, drive home.

Friday = drive two hours to the mountains to do a flag workshop from 9 to 5; drive back two hours same day.

Saturday/Sunday= family’s house, maybe Target, finish writing this year’s guard show. Oh, and an oil change. I need that.

Monday – Thursday = back to the mountains for band camp (probably the last one I’ll ever do; more on that another time.).

Friday = drive 10 hours to upstate New York.

Saturday = friend’s wedding.

Sunday = drive back 10 hours from upstate New York.

Monday = back to work and work and work and work.

Oh, and then, moving Ginny to Harrisonburg one weekend and Sammi to Lynchburg the following weekend. And working. And more working. I think there’s also a Crosby, Stills, & Nash concert in there somewhere but I’ll be damned if I can remember what day that is. I think I have to work like five weekends in a row, but I still don’t know which ones those are. Jamie might have softball tournaments in there somewhere too. Oh, and work.

My head hurts – did I mention that?

10 Replies to “Kissyboots!”

  1. A whopping 96 cents since I put them up in May. That’s why I took them down. They’re annoying, and you people are too smart to click on them, so they don’t make money.

    I suppose it speaks well of the caliber of my readers or something.

  2. Headaches are life’s low points for me, normally associated with sinus pressure. They make life appear through a fog and sound like a dialtone. I had one last week that lasted 2 days.

    I also had a bad sore throat for 10 days though I’m over the worst of it now. Was part of an overall cold that settled into my chest.

    Chaos can be draining, though you have your schedule well mapped out, so that should take some of the pressure off.

    You already have many medications for your sinuses and headaches, so all I can add is don’t forget copious amounts of non-chlorinated water.

    I was down in L-burg for a reunion last weekend,; didn’t bring the pup, so we stayed at the Wingate, overlooking Liberty U. In the breakfast area, I made sure to switch the tube from FauxNews to CNN.

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