I just noticed that my last five posts have been about a cat. I don’t want to be that girl.

So I would also like to share two unrelated non-feline pieces of information, just to break things up a bit:

  1. I dropped my car off at the body shop this morning for deer repair, and was worried I’d get a beater as my loaner car. Instead, I got a 2005 RAV-4, so that’s pretty cool. It had no gas in it, though, so that was marginally less cool.
  2. When I went to put gas in my SUV-for-a-week, I also decided to get a giant bottle of water, since it’s a million degrees here today. After much contemplation, I spent an entire extra dollar to get evian water, because it was in a pretty contoured bottle with a flower on it. I never get evian water, so I did not know that it tastes exactly like tap water until today.

If you tell me that “evian” spelled backwards is “naive,” I’m banning your IP address.

10 Replies to “Otherwise”

  1. hate hate hate evian water. so nasty tasting. my parents have a deer park cooler and i swear it’s the best, most refreshing water around.

  2. yeah, I usually get Deer Park too, and I love it. evian sucked me in with the pretty bottle – those bastards!

  3. Dude – have you seen the glass Evian bottles in the shape of a triangle? Apparently they are some sort of collector’s edition. But who in the HELL would buy a freaking $5 bottle of water.

    I buy Tom Thumb brand “Refreshe” water (yes it’s “refresh” with an “e.”) because it’s cheap and I buy a lot of bottled water due to the fact that water out of the tap in Dallas is just awful. But I really like Fiji water.

  4. tap water.
    There’s nothing wrong with tap water.

    There can be no discussion of what is or isn’t the appropriate price for a bottle of water when it’s so plentiful from the tap – and you’re already paying for it.

    That said, I really like bottled water.

  5. tap water tastes like spoons. i’d rather pay $5 for 28 bottles of water that tastes like water – at less than 20 cents a bottle, it’s a price i’m willing to pay.

  6. Our tap water is good here, but if you go any farther than 10 miles outside the general metropolitan area, it’s chlorine city. I’d almost rather have whatever it is they’re trying to kill.

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