Local Boy Makes Good

**Update 11/17/06: Please go to this post for my thoughts on Jamey Singleton’s release from WSLS.**

We here at loriestories dot com have sort of a weird relationship with Storm Team 10 meteorologist Jamey Singleton. We most certainly do not have a crush on him. While we think he’s very good at keeping us informed on all things weather-y, he’s not necessarily our unequivocal favorite. We might not even have a favorite.

But we have investigated Mr. Singleton’s sexuality in this space before (quote from the source: “straight as an arrow”), and we have commented on his occasional bouts of self-Googling, and we have noted with interest his changing hairstyles and fondness for highlights (although maybe not in this space – we can’t remember at the moment). We have squealed with egotistical glee when we received comments from the man himself in this space. We have thoroughly enjoyed his weather updates every weekday, although we don’t think we’ve gotten an on-air shoutout yet and are still holding out hope.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Singleton’s willingness to drive right toward hurricanes hundreds of miles away like a reckless meteorologizing bat out of hell, and his tenacity while standing in soaking-ass rain and wind in his yellow jacket so we can see for ourselves what’s going on right at that moment.

So we thought it was super-ultra-awesome when we saw on the news yesterday that Jamey got to do some coverage of Hurricane Dennis on CNN some time in the last few days. He even got to talk to Soledad O’Brien! That’s really cool.

Way to go, Jamey Singleton!

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