What does the right have to say in defense of Karl Rove? All the right-wing blogs I visited in a quick, shuddering, 5-minute research trip around the infamous blogosphere are suspiciously silent on the matter.

*This post has been brought to you by a relatively nice, friendly, trying-to-respect-all-viewpoints liberal who’s sick and goddamned tired of being characterized as an unAmerican, hysterical, UFO-watching, conspiracy theorist, uneducated, immoral, ignorant sack of shit.

10 Replies to “Feisty*”

  1. I guess there’s no need to defend yourself or your cronies when you’ve managed to bribe, cheat, and steal your way to the presidency and also managed to escape any substantive criticism/punishment for starting an illegal, immoral war. Surely you can weasel your way out of a little thing like exposing a CIA agent’s identity.

  2. And besides…Say something DOES happen to Rove and he gets indicted and (omg!) convicted — couldn’t Bush just issue a last-minute pardon at the end of this term?

  3. If Bill Clinton can be impeached for lying about fooling around, Karl Rove should get 20 years. It has been reported that she had covert roles prior to the disclosure by Rove, so all of her contacts are at jeopardy, if they are not already incarcerated. The Republicans lauded Bush’s election, saying that a new accountablity and responsiblity was coming to the White House.

    Since Bush said he would fire whoever made the disclosure, Karl needs to pack up his doodle pad and not let the screen door hit his butt on the way out.

  4. I posted at annika’s site and intended the comment for CrissCross and Larry. That should be clear but, in case it isn’t…

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