Got To Keep On Moving

There are lots of reasons why I’ve been living with my family for the last four years. Some of them are nobody’s business but mine and my family’s, and I have at times gotten really upset with people who insinuate that I have been doing it because I’m lazy, irresponsible, or mooching off my family. It’s not true – in fact, if you’re curious, I actually pay monthly rent faithfully, and help out in lots of other ways.

Living at home was supposed to be temporary, but for various reasons, the temporary arrangement was extended somewhat. When Ginny took a year off from college, she too was supposed to live at home temporarily. But my temporary arrangement turned into four years, and her temporary arrangement turned into about three years, and in the meantime, our family has become something different than what it was before we all lived at home. While we’ve always been close, it’s only been in the last couple of years that we’ve attained this new level of connection. It’s something I can’t explain, something envied by most people I know, and it’s something I’m really going to miss when I move out in a few weeks.

I’m beginning the exodus. In a couple of weeks, I’m moving into a great townhouse here in Lynchburg. Sometime in August, Ginny will move to her yet-to-be-determined apartment in Harrisonburg, and a couple of weeks after that, Sammi will move into her freshman dorm to begin college.

Our house is total carnage right now, with boxes and furniture strewn from one end to the other. I’ve been shopping for all the things I don’t have (which is almost everything), and this weekend I started packing up the things I do have (generally, books and more clothes than I need). It’s bittersweet. This townhouse is adorable and perfect, in a great location very close to work, and I’m really looking forward to having a place all my own again. But at the same time, I’m going to miss the time I’m used to spending with my family, and for a while you’re going to see fewer stories about American Idol Freeze Dance and more stories about how I can’t figure out how to hang curtain rods or something.

I imagine it’s going to be even weirder for Jamie and my parents in a few months, when they sit down at night and realize that half our family has scattered.

I am thinking I’ll need to figure out what’s involved in setting up four-way conference calls.

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  1. I’m excited for you.

    This is the first time that i ave ever decided, by myself, where to live (other than dorms, and even that had rosemary as a consideration my senior year).

    I am thinking about putting together a zine about moving.

    Perhaps you can add something to it.

  2. oh, also, if you would like to buy a complete set of pfaltzgraf dishes from me for prettydurnedcheap, lemme know.

  3. Just in case you and your sisters aren’t able to buy all new furniture and apartment things, ( I know how hard that can be when you first move out!) there’s a website you might want to check out: It’s where people post things they want to get rid of locally and it’s all free. I was able to get alot of free furniture for my brother that way. It’s always something used, but generally in good condition.

  4. Bittersweet exactly. You’ll find that you will stay close even if you don’t all live together. And honestly, my mom, sister & I have been know to have 3-way calls because that’s what we like to do. Congratulations for moving out on your own!

  5. Rawk on! I’m excited for you.

    Personally, I think you’ll have the perfect setup. Your own place, with your family nearby. And think of all the fun dinner parties you and your sisters can have at your new place! How fun.

    I’m really close with my family too, but it sucks because they’re all over across that big-ass pond we like to call the Pacific. I love love love living in my own place but I really do wish they were nearby at least. Oh well, maybe someday.

  6. And I have that, “ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, ain’t nothin’ gonna slow me down, oh no!” in my head. ;)

    I, too, am very excited for you. Life changes do modify posts to some degree (my blog is a blatant example), but I have faith you’ll definitely keep things interesting.

    Good luck with moving preparations.

  7. If I were anywhere near Virginia, I’d volunteer on the curtain rods. I’m an expert of sorts…

    I’m excited for you, Lorie! The time seems right for all of you to take this step.

    Oh, and btw, there is no such thing as “more clothes than I need.” You have just the right amount of clothes, and are simply unaware of the number of your needs.

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