Continuing Tales of Pointlessness

Ginny worked at a movie theatre (theater? whatever.) when Star Wars: Episode I or Star Wars: The Phantom Menace or Star Wars: The One Where the Only Thing I Remember is the Hovercraft or whatever it’s called was released. So, you know, on opening night there were a billion people there who were all dressed like their favorite Star Wars characters and acting all festive and stuff.

She told us there was this one guy who strapped two brown bath mats onto himself and made vaguely Wookie noises. That was his “Chewbacca” costume, it seems. Two brown bath mats.

Every time I think about that, I laugh.

She and her fellow theatre/theater employees also got a sadistic thrill out of some quirk in the line that ended up causing those moviegoers who had lined up first to be admitted last. Mean!

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  1. or if you’re feeling pretentious… if you’re southern… which you are… its THE – A – TER

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