Now, Let’s Talk About Me For a Minute

First off – you guys are awesome. Thank you all for saying hello, and for telling me little bits about yourselves. It really did make my day. In fact, it made my last two days, and part of today. And if you came to that particular game late, you can still play. Just click on the comments and join in.

What should I talk about today? I could talk about how Sasha, the official cat of loriestories dot com, has been peeing blood in inappropriate places for the last few days, but now that I’ve left her at the vet, she hasn’t peed at all today and they can’t get a urine sample. I could talk about how I’m sitting by the phone waiting for the vet to call so I can figure out if Dad’s going to pick her up or if I’m going to have to leave at 3:30 and drive an hour and a half to pick her up. I could talk about how I’m also waiting by the phone for a certain property management company to call me back already, because I freaking love their apartment complex (from the outside, anyway) and might die if I don’t live there. Did I mention I’m apartment-hunting? I am. I could talk about how I just had a string cheese and ten peanuts for lunch, no lie. I could talk about how it’s 50 degrees outside and how that totally sucks. I could talk about how I’m supposed to go across campus to deliver Sammi’s financial aid acceptance letters to the financial aid office so she can go to college this fall, but I can’t leave my desk because I’m waiting on the aforementioned phone calls. I could talk about how Microsoft Excel is making me crazy today. I could talk about how much I am enjoying the new Ben Folds CD and how you should all go buy it. I could talk about how Sammi and I are going to Philadelphia next weekend to see U2 in concert – first time for both of us. I could talk about how I’m stressing out because I missed my strength training session last night, and how I’m trying to decide if it’s worse to miss a session this week (I have another tomorrow), or whether it’s worse to make up last night’s session tonight and then do tomorrow’s, resulting in strength training on consecutive days (which is generally a no-no). I could talk about how I really want my High Street Soaps to get here. I could talk about how I have no money due to most of the above issues, plus that tiny little trip to New Orleans I took last month. I could talk about how I really really really want a margarita right now, but will have to wait until 5:30 for it. I could talk about how I have all these kick-assingly awesome posts lined up, in my head anyway, and how I can’t seem to gather the motivation or inspiration to get them in postable form.

I could talk about all of these things and so much more. I could talk your damn heads off, if I wanted to. Actually, I think maybe I just did.

9 Replies to “Now, Let’s Talk About Me For a Minute”

  1. but that’s okay! that’s what we’re here for. =)

    you’re gonna love U2 – i saw them a couple of years ago and absolutely loved every minute of it.

    i’m sorry to hear about your cat…hope she gets better soon.

  2. so:

    1. guess you’re in VA for a while, if you’re looking for a place. exciting to look for a place!

    2. you have reminded me to listen to ben folds. i COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT in the awesomeness that has been that mountain goats album. shame on me.

  3. String cheese and 10 peanuts for lunch? Sounds like you skipped lunch and ate your SB snacks in lieu. Was this planned or did you have to work through lunch?

  4. Um you didn’t really talk about any of those things.. you just kinda mentioned that they exist. Just sayin..

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