It Doesn’t Line Up


I’ve been working on a new layout, one that I really like, and I just finally got it to a testing point. And it looks great in Firefox, but it looks like crap in IE, which I totally don’t understand. It’s almost identical to this current layout, which looks fine in IE, but whatever I did to change the new one makes it all off-center and weirded-out in Internet Explorer. And I’m not about to put it up until it’s perfect, because I’m anal like that. There are a couple of teeny tiny inconsistencies in this current layout that probably few if any will notice, but they bug the hell out of me every single time I load the page.

Stupid Internet Explorer.

Did I mention recently that we finally set up a wireless network at home? That’s pretty awesome because now I can lay on my ass on the couch and work on the internet while I’m watching stuff like American Idol, and if that’s not lazy multitasking then I don’t know what is. The only problem is that its signal range is about exactly as far away as my bedroom is from the router, so if I’m going to use the computer in bed, I have to be positioned just so or else I keep losing the connection and that’s annoying. Although not nearly as annoying as dialup.

Because of the new wireless network I’m getting ready to dump AOL, which I’ve hung onto only because I was using it to dial up to the internet if I wanted to use the computer in my room. I’m kind of dreading this, because I’ve read so many horror stories about how difficult it is to cancel AOL, and I don’t want to have to be mean to the customer service people when they do their spiel to try to persuade me to stay. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Right now, though, I have mail to put in the mail box. That’s a very important and time-consuming task, and I expect it will take me a while to walk to the mailbox and do this.

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  1. IE does suck, but AOL billing customer service is the greatest. I just called them yesterday to make them take a 40 dollar charge off my account, after my account had been cancelled. they were incredibly polite and helpful. the first guy did give me a “puh-lease don’t quit” speech, but no more than two “i don’t need it anymore’s” and he was peachy. I wouldn’t worry about that one.

  2. IE is the ass. open ass, even.

    also, the last sentence in your entry makes me happy due to the depths of its cynicism.

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