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It’s September 13th, and so begins the busiest week of my year. I have a big event on Saturday, and contrary to most of the big events I have to attend, this particular big event is one that I am responsible for planning and executing myself. It’s sort of like throwing a big party, except not laid-back in any way. And I suck at parties. So I’m spazzing out a bit.

Besides that, I have rehearsal tonight and tomorrow night in which I must finish teaching the show I’ve written so that the girls will have a full show when they go to their first competition on Saturday.

And I have physical therapy this week, although only once.

And Sam has volleyball tomorrow (which I will miss), and Thursday (which I will not miss).

And my former boss will be in town this weekend, and suggested drinks on Friday, but since I’m likely to be at the office till the wee hours, we’ll be doing the drinks thing on Saturday instead.

And I really need to put a new button on my new suit, because I love everything about the suit except the button on the jacket, which is this weird half-white, half-black giant-ass button. Against the gray background of the suit, the net effect is that I look like I didn’t get the button all the way through the buttonhole, and that’s not the kind of impression I want to make.

Between now and 4:45 I would ideally like to get volunteer assignments made for 17 people (10 prospects per volunteer, so 170 total), dash across campus to trade my spare phone with a colleague’s student office phone and to pick up window decals, print spreadsheets and gift pyramids for my ten classes, call back a volunteer about a challenge offer, call back another volunteer about her RSVP, draft an appeal to the volunteers from the national reunion chair, and find the notecards and at-a-glance promo sheets I need to stuff in workbooks. Oh, and also sneak in a few minutes to polish some of the stuff I’m supposed to be teaching tonight. I’ll be lucky if I get through any of it.

I have 100 volunteers. Argh.

I am very busy.

9 Replies to “And And And And And”

  1. and Mike bitches about how under-a-rock busy he is.

    I love dealing with Volunteers. and what I love more than that is Not dealing with Volunteers. <a href=”!.jpg

  2. As a manager, you have the where-to to delegate many of these activities to your staff.

    Doing it effectively is an artform.

  3. or determine which of your volunteers are best suited to organizing subsets of your volunteers

  4. not this time – my staff is almost as busy as i am, doing the things that they are able to do. the bulk of it is my responsibility.

  5. Here's to you, Lorie. I've had weeks like this. The small comfort I take from times like that is to say to myself “someone thinks I'm good enough to handle all this.”

  6. ha. I think something similar to myself during high-pressure, high-stakes moments at work; only, it goes more like, “I'm so gonna get found out.”
    Chin up, lorie. Chin up, boobs out.

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