My Mom, The Shit-Girl

Okay, I’m one of those people who is really, really into the Olympics. Call me lame. I don’t care. The Summer Games are my favorite, and have been for years and years. My family’s all about it too, so that’s what we’ve been doing for the past few evenings – watching the Olympics.

The other night we were watching the women’s gymnastics prelims and all of a sudden my mom was like, “I could never do that – I couldn’t be an Olympic athlete on TV and everything.”

Ignoring the “well, duh” impulse, we asked why, and here’s what she said:

“Because every time I messed up I’d say ‘SHIT’ and they’d never be able to put me on camera. I’d be the SHIT-girl.”

So now my mom is officially the Shit-Girl.

Random: Someone in my office keeps folding our toilet paper into those points like they do at hotels. That’s weird.

Also, Ginny is starting to walk a bit unassisted. We’re starting to get her to practice walking for as long as she can without hanging on to the walker and she’s doing pretty well, although she complains that it’s jerky and awkward. It’s just like when a baby starts to walk, though – with practice she’ll get better at it.

That’s all I have today. Woo.

6 Replies to “My Mom, The Shit-Girl”

  1. You know what helps the lame walk again? Barking Dogs. Dude, barking dogs would so work, you know it. /sorry. wait, someone is handling your toilet pair. I mean, you're using toilet paper some one has had in their hands and placed for you? And you don't know who it is? Ginger will have a lot to “eww” about that so I'll let that part to her.

  2. I can't even imagine how difficult learning how to walk all over again must be. Thinking positive thoughts for Ginny.

  3. No one knows what to say to this post.

    I was sure that “Shit-Girl” would get a lot of responses and that one person would react to the folded toilet paper.
    You know they're making a “Shopgirl” movie?Good morning, just making the rounds.

  4. I prefer to refer to your mother as “America's Shitheart.” Along those same lines, I would be “America's Fuckheart.”

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