• We got lost about 34,055 times.

  • Our bags got lost too, but not in the same place we got lost.

  • I got food poisoning.

Seriously, I cannot think of a worse feeling in the world than lying on the floor of a dorm bathroom puking your brains out at 3 in the morning, bare-ass naked because you don’t want to get puke on the only outfit you have. And also? No deodorant. No soap. No toothbrush. And an entire box of Momints just wasn’t cutting it.

More later!

19 Replies to “THE SHORT VERSION”

  1. lorie,
    all my sympathy is yours. i once got food poisoning on a mission trip in juarex mexico, and was left to battle the diarea and throw up in a bathroom that had been broken for days, which meant it would overflow everytime somebody would take a shit, and the shit would be left on the floor until someone would mop it up with dirty water. and that floor i laid on all night. but a the bathroom floor of a dorm, ewwwhhhh!!!!

  2. Oh Lorie, I have been where you were — many, many times. (And Missie, I know of whence you speak, too!)

    I remember being that sick the day I was supposed to fly home from Florence, Italy, to California. I'd been teaching in Florence for about three months on a study abroad program, and got food poisoning of the worst sort. I was throwing up every half hour for 12 hours straight, utterly dehydrated. I had this lesbian couple staying with me (former students and casual acquaintances)in my apartment, and they literally packed me, dressed me and got me into a taxi to go the airport. I didn't know them well. It was weird seeing them again a year later. How do you say to two women you only know casually, thanks for picking my naked self off the floor, cleaning me off, and sending me on my way?

    Anyhow, sister Lorie, looking forward to more details.

  3. my sympathies, no one likes to have a horrible time, especially on travel. May your next few days (and life!) be totally different…

  4. WOO HOOO! You got some of the lovin' food that loves you again and again and again. Sounds like your meal was working harder than most boyfriends will.
    Dirty, puked on, naked and smelly – sounds like a movie I watched just recently. A home movie.

  5. Actually, what I took from it was this: “We get free internet access at Dartmouth, so unless I'm out drinking every night, I'll be writing from New England.”Which means, she's out drinking every night, thus gone. :-P

  6. Where are you? We'll send someone to help up off the floor and funnel copious amounts of Gatorade into your system.

  7. aaand just a little late to the rescue the comments board comes alive. of course, we're now convinced you're boozing it up every night so all words of care are more tongue-in-check than “keys-in-hand”.

  8. Lorie is at bandcamp with no internet… will be back soon – fear not the few but faithful ;)

  9. Well hopefully she is lovin her flag twirling and teaching of those at band camp. Her postings are truly missed, so hopefully she has a full recovery from her “vacation” and comes back refreshed from teachin the youngins at bandcamp. I've heard that camp in itself may give some great stories!

  10. i was supposed to do the 'where lorie is comment!' so here's what lorie said to me
    tell them “i am not dead,repeat i am not dead. im a bandcamp and i'll be back friday night”

  11. what lorie has forgotten is, “band camp”, for some of us, is the same as death. Until she can report to us directly, I'm afraid – well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to suggest that her sisters take over entertaining us via the comments section with regular posts.
    Extra points for arguing for the rest of the thread. :o)

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