Jon Secada, What the Fuck?

I have a Jon Secada song stuck in my head. “Just Another Day,” to be exact. This is troubling, as I haven’t listened to even one minute of radio today, and certainly don’t own any Jon Secada CDs. I have a four-disc changer in my car. Today on the way in I listened to:

  1. Franz Ferdinand
  2. The Flaming Lips
  3. Clay Aiken
  4. The Streets


One of these things is not like the others.

Franz Ferdinand – awesome, but nothing like Jon Secada. The Flaming Lips – also awesome, also nothing like Secada. The Streets – all right, but certainly nothing like Secada. Clay Aiken.

Clay Aiken.


That could be it.

Maybe it’s like the brotherhood of lite radio or something.

I was listening to Clay Aiken because we have tickets to his concert on the 21st and I haven’t listened to his CD even once. So I thought I should learn some of the songs beforehand.

I used to think Jon Secada was really, really hot.

I also used to like New Kids on the Block, Menudo, and various minor league hockey players who may or may not have been bemulleted.

I apologize for my lousy preteen taste in men and music.

13 Replies to “Jon Secada, What the Fuck?”

  1. I'm glad I didn't drop the ball on Franz Ferdinand, too. They're really fun live- make sure to keep your eyes open at the clubs near you!

  2. Ha, Jon Secada! There was this guy in high school named David Schwarz who looked just like him. We'd torment him by singing Secada's songs to him. He sucked anyway, so it was well deserved. Good times.

  3. i understand – i recently sold a jon secada cd, bought in a moment of weakness, at a garage sale. i was embarrassed every time someone scanned past it. actually it didn't even sell in the end, so i shamefacedly delivered it to the salvation army. hopefully some thrift shopping preteen is boogying to secada as i write.

  4. Jon Secada reminds me of my suite-mate during my freshman year of college. She used to play “One more try” incessantly.

  5. I used to have a crush on some hockey playing brothers. All I can remember is that one had a name that sounded like Gino Cavatelli. But that can't be it, because that's pasta.

  6. Who has decent musical tastes when they are a pre-teen, unless they've been given instrumental training (after acquiring pitcher's elbow at 9 yrs old, my parents talked me into playing viola). Even then, I listened to popular groups, though I could recognize real talent.

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