Vacation Daydream

I’ve been thinking about vacation lately. It’s mostly daydreaming, because I’m not sure that I’ll get to go on an actual vacation anywhere this year. Money is an issue. I will be going to New Hampshire for about a week, although that’s for work, so it’s slightly less vacation-y. It’s a trip, though.

I get a pretty ridiculous amount of vacation time – 17 days each fiscal year, of which I still have 14 and a half remaining. And since the College is closed between Christmas and New Year’s, that’s like a week of free vacation. I don’t have to use it by the end of June – it will carry over until November – but still, that’s nearly three weeks of vacation. I have never used it all.

So now I’m thinking, do I want to take only one week, or do I want to take two weeks together? What will I do while I’m off? I can’t put it too close to the end of July, because that’s when I’ll be away from the office because of the New Hampshire trip.

I think it would be awesome to be able to cash in my vacation time for extra pay. I could do that for two weeks of it and use the money to spend the third week on an actual vacation.

I’m hoping for a weekend in Chicago sometime. Maybe I can use the rest of the time lounging by a pool somewhere. Maybe I can pretend to live in an apartment complex and use their pool. Margaritas on patios will have to be involved.

Incidentally, on Saturday night we grilled out and I did have a margarita on the patio. I had a Corona right after that, and I think it was the best beer I’ve ever had. Why does beer taste better outside?

Even though I have to work in the summer now, I still think of it as three months of endless possibility. It’s pretty appealing.

So what about you guys? Do you have plans?

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  1. Ooh! Ooh! Katrina and I are talking about taking a trip the third week of June (I have the 16th – the 20th off) and we were looking at Travelocity – they have “last minute deals” that you can book about two/three weeks in advance to practically anywhere. The deals are great – airfare and hotels for about $350, round-trip. Of course we'd have to wait another two weeks or so, but we're so going to do it. I don't know if you'd be interested or not, but I just thought I'd throw it out there!

  2. Want to look trim and fit? Think about a biking or hiking vacation. Not all at once, build up to it with 3 day weekends. Start out with short hikes or bikes, and build up after that. The Appalachian Trail is not to far away from where you are. Get a friend involved, that helps to keep motivation flowing. You can sleep for free on the trail and have simple, inexpensive meals, meet tons of new people, and keep fit all at the same time.

  3. Honeymoon for me, too (after Santa Fe). Maui, baby, and I'll be sportin' a tummy.

    But you already know that.

    I think you should visit your Dallas circle sometime soon.

  4. Wanna look trim and fit? Think about a Holiday Inn Suite Vacation. If you must, work up to it with 3 day weekends.
    Get a friend involved…
    well, you get the idea.


  5. A small village in northeastern Colombia to visit my girlfriend's family. In August. In a rebel zone. I do intend to come back, but man, I must be in love.

  6. Hey, I just started reading your blog, kinda fell into by accident but I was wondering if you mind if I link you on mine? Thanks

  7. thanks for visiting, carm! i never mind being linked – it's the web's best form of flattery. i'm glad you enjoy enough to link! please do!

  8. I get a similar vacation package from my job. I like to use it in the summer to just get away and enjoy the weather. As I generally enjoy my job(obviously there are bad days, but for the most part it is good), I really don't need to get away from it- just need to take time off to get some sun and enjoy the weather.

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