Time Flies By In The City of Life

Today’s newspaper had a kind of wrap-up story on the accident, summarizing the results of the state police investigation, which was released yesterday.

Fatal wreck blamed on driver inattention and excessive speed

I’m really sad to learn that the driver of the other car was going too fast, because I know it will cause people to think she was irresponsible and that’s going to hurt her family. She was a good kid, though, and did something that lots of people do. People speed a lot on that stretch of road – it’s a downhill straightaway that sweeps into a curve, and it’s easy to pick up speed.

Today I stayed home with a nasty case of the queasies, so I guess the coughing yesterday may not have been steak-in-lungs related after all. I’m really bummed that I couldn’t make it in, because I was supposed to go to a work thing tonight involving miniature golf and go-carts, neither of which I’ve dabbled in since I was roughly ten years old. I’m sure I would suck at both but I wanted to play! I’d really been looking forward to this.

Here’s something else I’m looking forward to from my childhood, though – Netflix is shipping The Brave Little Toaster for this weekend. It’s one of our favorite movies from when we were little, and my sisters and I are all really excited about it getting here. Sam’s been singing songs from the movie all week.

I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Animaniacs, though. We thought that was the funniest thing on TV when we were younger, and kept clicking around the old cartoon channels looking for it. Finally, it showed up on NickToons, and we got all excited and TiVoed a bunch of them. I don’t know if they don’t stand up to the test of time, or if they’ve been edited, or if the network is only showing weaker episodes, but they weren’t nearly as funny the second time around.

I think The Brave Little Toaster will be okay, though. Sure, it’s Disney, but it’s by the same director as Toy Story, and the voice cast was awesome, and we just completely loved this movie. It was right up there with The Chipmunk Adventure.

Yeah, I’m really showing my age today.

So that’s what’s going on. Oh, and by the way, daytime television is really sucky.

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  1. The Brave Little Toaster! Yay! I loved that movie, B.Do and I both. It's so cute. Now I want to see it, damnit. Anyway, I read that story today on roanoke.com and thought the same thing; we speed all the time and just don't think about the consequences. It doesn't make us bad people. It makes us human. What a tragedy for people to think otherwise. My leg hurts! Later!

  2. In film school, my roommate did a docementry in the “where are they now style” of the brave little toaster, and his rise and fall from hero to “the brave little toaster goes to mars” Look it up on IMDB. It's embarrasing. Regardless — It's sad to hear the animaniacs don't stand the test of time.

  3. hey, lorie – I know I'm late with this, but I'm very sorry to hear about your sister's accident, and glad that she's going to be okay.

  4. You know, I wouldn't call it “irresponsible” at her age so much as “inexperience.” THAT is why I am terrified of AND for young drivers, including myself when I was starting to drive. But perhaps the deadly lesson will save more young lives in the long run than it cost. One can always hope…

  5. dude! animaniacs rocked! they had hardcore political commentary masquerading as cute cartoons for children! what about miss. information, the reporter? come on! they must be showing some freaking weak episodes.

  6. My sister and I rented “TBLT” a few years ago on video, and it was still good! I'm sure you'll still love it. Hope you feel better soon!

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