bad christmas shopper

I am a horrible human being, because every time I go Christmas shopping I end up buying something for myself.

Yesterday I took my sisters Christmas shopping in the afternoon after sleeping for awhile.

I’m a terrible, disorganized Christmas shopper. Unlike some people (ahem, Sammi) who walk into a store knowing what they want for each person and where it is, I wander around aimlessly for hours looking for something that “speaks” to me.


What “spoke” to me first yesterday was the $9.95 sale tag on The Polyphonic Spree CD at the Record Exchange.

So I had to buy it. For me.

Then we went to Target and Wal-Mart and I picked up a few things, but I also picked up the Christmas spirit, finally, if “Christmas spirit” is synonymous with “murderous rage and hatred for all mankind.”

After several more stops and a driving pattern around town that made no logical sense whatsoever, I think I’ve finally finished my Christmas shopping. Maybe. If I don’t decide in the next few days that all the stuff I’ve chosen sucks and go get more gifts to make my sucky gifts look like part of a bigger plan, which I have been known to do on more than one occasion.

Now I just have to get it all wrapped. And I totally suck at wrapping gifts so I shall be enlisting the help of my wrapping-gifted sisters on this matter.

In other news, I feel like crap and I may go home early today. But not before lunch, because lunch will be good.

5 Replies to “bad christmas shopper”

  1. Dude. I'm all about the gift cards. How impersonal, how boring, how easy for me. And the worst part is that I wait until the week before Christmas to do it, because I am stupid. But hey, at least I don't have to wrap anything that way.

  2. Don't be illin', Lorie.

    Get your rear home and commence the holiday chillin'.

    …or somthing.

    No, seriously, don't get sick, it totally sucks.


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