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My TV is definitely dead. My dad’s going to see if he can fix it – he mentioned something about a fuse inside it that could be replaced. He knows what he’s talking about so I have put it in his capable hands.

Song on Launchcast: “Slow Dance,” by Coltrane. Ahhh.

So, I was thinking yesterday about some songs that stick with me, for whatever reason. Everyone must have a few, I think – songs that immediately take you to a specific time and place. Sometimes in films, directors try to create these moments for you, as well. Martin Scorsese is particularly good at it. If you’re a fan of Goodfellas, you probably know just what I mean when I mention the piano exit for “Layla.” The Derek and the Dominoes version, NOT the Eric Clapton: Unplugged version, for the record.

Anyway. Here are some songs that stick with me – again, for various reasons. It’s not all sappy shit.

“Again,” by Janet Jackson, will always remind me of a night in high school when I was sick as a dog and croupy. I could barely sleep and I had the radio on by my bed and it seemed like every time I woke up, that fucking song was playing.

“Linger,” by The Cranberries, will for some reason always be connected with a memory of riding in my friend KT’s car to a basketball game in 9th grade, where I found out that the object of my obsessive affection had a girlfriend. I was all crushed and shit.

“New Year’s Day” – U2. Curled on a fold-out bed with a fuzzy yellow blanket with my bass player rocker boyfriend, who was goofing around, pretending that I was his Fender, with my leg as the neck of the instrument.

“Nightswimming” – R.E.M.

“The Rockefeller Skank” – Fatboy Slim. An old friend/roommate of mine used to absolutely rock out with a weird robot dance during the accelerando in this song, and it was the most fucking hysterical thing in the world.

Man, I could go on all day, but those are just a start.

So what are some of the songs that stick with you?

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  1. “expectations” by belle & sebastian; “let down” by radiohead; “be thankful for what you've got” by yo la tengo; “bury me a g” by thug life; “across 110th street” by bobby womack; “take five” by the dave brubeck quartet; “'round the bend” by beta band; and i could go on forever. maybe more later. by the way, i'm looking forward to that CD. i'm sure it will be awesome.

  2. yeah – but Mike didn't give why? Those could just be songs sticky enough to occur to him now.

    I gotta a song for Mike, “I'm afraid of bugs” by Mike. I remember a night after much Dolce Vita watching a almost-slumbering Mike imitating a jiffy-pop explosion everytime yours truly gave a little “tap tap” to his is arm.

    Oh yeah – that song is so cool, and by “cool” I mean totally sweet.

  3. My first, well, my decided first time actually came together over D'yer Maker (she had that box set that'd been released that year) – at one point, right when we were both comfortable and less frantic, we began to hum the “oh-ohohohoh-oh, you don't have to go-oh, ohohohoh…” part together. We laughed, we cried, we culminated. I love it still.

  4. I remember the friggin Heart song “These Dreams” was on the radio when we had an emergency evacuation of our school in the flood of 85. “In your eyes”, by Peter Gabriel was the first song I sang to Mandy, in 1992. I rewrote the lyrics to “Love don't cost a thing” for Lexie to make it unghetto about 3 years ago. It was hilarious. I used to get crap from all my friends for putting “Interstate Love Song” from STP on every mix cd i made. My grandmother sang “At Last” to my grandfather on their 40th Anniversary. First time i ever realized there was a reason to cry other than, pain, or fear.

  5. Though I would have loved the Red Sox/Cubs matchup, the Cubs just weren't a team that can win. I mean, Kerry Wood is your second best hitter. I love the Cubbies and all, but I think we all saw that coming after the fan grabbed the ball. Curses, ye are our enemy. Tonight is the biggest game cause its a game 7 in the Bronx (1957 last time) with the greatest rivalry in the history of sports facing head to head with the best pitchers on the east coast. That's why its' bigger. I shed a tear for the Cubs.

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