power outages

Oh man, I am freezing my ass off. And the window by my desk is drafty and my fingers are cold and I’m wearing a pullover windbreaker in the office and trying to curl my hands up in the sleeves and type at the same time, which wasn’t working out and it took me like ten minutes to fix all the typos I made so now I’ve stuck ’em out there and they are FREEZING. Brr.

So, yesterday it was ass cold and raining, and I had to cancel my calling program early because we ran out of prospects at like 8:15, so I sent my students home. And I balanced out the numbers, straightened up the room, and then my supervisors and I locked up and went to the front door of the building and looked out, only to find that it was pouring-ass rain, coming down sideways in sheets with leaves and branches flying everywhere.

It was as bad or worse than the hurricane.

So I walked from the building to the car, which was right in front of the building, and in that brief walk I became absolutely soaked to the skin. I sat in the car with water literally dripping off of me and thought ah, fuck, I really don’t want to drive in this. But I did.

I was driving really slowly down the street, floating through puddles, listening to the belts in my car squeal from too much water, freaking out that my car was going to stall and I’d get hit and die, et cetera. But once I’d been driving for awhile the rain let up and I made it home okay.

The wind was still really bad, though, and during the night we were added to the list of people in the area who lost power. Luckily my sister Jamie happened to wake up at about the time we normally do and came and woke the rest of us up so we wouldn’t be late.

The power was back on by then. So I got up and turned on my light and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV and listen to the news while I was getting dressed, and…nothing.

Now, I know the power was on. So I thought maybe from some sheer coincidence my remote batteries had died during the night as well. So I went over to the TV and pushed the button right on the front.


Hm. I checked the plugs. I switched outlets in case a breaker had flipped on the one the TV was using. Everything else was working fine.

But my TV will not turn on.

What’s up with that? Could it be broken? Could it have gotten zapped in the storm even though it wasn’t on? I don’t really know.

Oh, also, not like I was home to watch it or anything, but another casualty of the storms last night was our local FOX affiliate, which lost power and went off the air for several hours.

Know what that meant?

That’s right – no Cubs game.

It’s probably due to the lack of support from southwest Virginia that they played poorly last night. I’m sure that’s it.

But tonight it’s going to be fine and they’re going to win, right? Right?

Yes. They are.

Okay, time to curl my hands back in the sleeves again.

6 Replies to “power outages”

  1. Who cares about stupid baseball… I had to miss the Gilmore Girls last night… AND One Tree Hill with my boyfriend Chad Michael Murray… who is HOT! :(

  2. TV could've gotten zapped. I've had it happen, and I don't think it matters if it's on (just plugged into an outlet). You should look into getting a surge protector thing.

  3. Re: the Cubs game. I am the only person in St. Louis who wants them to win; I just want to see the spectacle of the city being torn apart beam by beam. That guy who caught the ball last night has no choice but to move to St. Louis, where he will receive a hero's welcome.

  4. sent to Mike but thought you'd appreciate it too –
    Our Kerry, who art on the mound, Hallowed be thy breakin'ball. Thy Strikeouts come, thy will be done, in Wrigley, as it was in flor-duh. Give us this day our series win, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive that fan who trespassed against us. And lead us not into the offseason, but deliver us to the series; for thine is the fastball, and the slider, and the change up for ever and ever, Amen.

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