i wanna be a blogger

On the way home from work yesterday I was thinking about this song, “Halcyon and On and On,” that I used to have on my hard drive, a long time ago. But I can’t remember who does it. Orbital? Someone help?

I wish I were a blogger, because bloggers are cool and trendy and always have exciting links and obscure musical tastes, and retro-hip observations on their ultra-modern metro lives. And they get to say stuff like “so I was blogging the other day, and la la la.”

But I guess I’m a diarist. Or something. That term bugs me – it alternately reminds me of diarrhea and Lisa Frank. Or that one diary that lots of preteen girls had back when I was a preteen girl – with the white vinyl cover with a rainbow or some shit on it, and it locked with a little suitcase key that was totally generic. Anyone remember that?

Hey, did any of you chicks who were around in the 80s have that bedding from J.C. Penney that was white, with the millions of hearts in rainbow colors on it? My friend Adalie had that and I was insanely jealous. But then I got the ultra-cool white daybed set with the pink and purple radios and sunglasses and 50s diner kitsch on it. And it went in my new bedroom, which had lilac carpet and lilac walls and white and brass trim everywhere. It was disgusting. But when I was 12, it was the coolest thing ever and I would check out George Michael records from the library and listen to them over and over again on my 1970s record player/stereo.

And I had the horrible-smelling Night Rhythms perfume. And of course I also had exclamation! which smells like fruit of the ass.

Heh. More about that after lunch, if I remember.

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  1. oh man. i totally remember exclamation! i used to sneak into my mom's room and steal it because i actually thought it smelled good. but uh, yeah. not so much. much love, kristine

  2. i wore exclamation! like it was going out of style! Oh wait, it was. Also, there was this HORRIBLE perfume I wore all the time called Scoundrel. Yes, it was really called that. I loved it.

  3. I remember Lisa Frank stuff. I had all those disgustingly colored folders for my school binders with techno-color teddybears and unicorns. Good times, good times.

  4. Hey!!! I LOVED Scoundrel. Never owned it, but it was one of my favorite scents. I used to wear perfumes when I was in my teens till they started irritating Mom's allergies (yes, really!) and since I can't risk a lingering trace of perfume triggering an allergy attack, I don't wear it at all. Ever. Still love it, though, but have to settle for scented bath powder and antiperspirant.

  5. I had Lisa Frank too, and I had the whole white and gold daybed thing goin' on..and a little mermaid sleeping bag.

  6. Dude, I got you awwwwwlllll beat. Not ONLY did I have Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume in the aerosol can, BUT (and I swear this comes from my mom always teaching me not to waste stuff) I didn't like it (wow, was I a fucking Einstein, or WHAT?) so I SPRAYED THE REST OF IT ON THE WALL INSIDE MY CLOSET. I shared a room with my 16 year old sister, and she could have killed me. How embarrassing for her to go to school smelling like Electric Youth.

  7. i think i win the contest i had not an unhealthy obsession w/Lisa Frank but also had a New Kids on The Blocks book covers, a pair of shorts w/their signatures on the be•hind & to be completely cool & trendy: a NKOTB bedspread & sheets set.

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