don’t be fooled by the – wait, i don’t have any rocks.

I’ve decided that I need a second job. I make shit money and I’m kind of ridiculously materialistic. I like clothes and shoes and makeup and other products more than my checkbook has the capabilities to buy all that crap.

So I need another job.

I know, I already work a gazillion hours a week, but we’re coming up on the slow period of the year so maybe now would be a good time to do it.

But I need a swank, EASY job. An easy job that pays okay and pays more than once a month, dammit. And where I’ll only have to work a couple of days a week. And if they have free Diet Coke, that would be cool too, although I can certainly live without it.

Well, I can’t, but I could stand to buy my own Diet Cokes.

So. Anyway. NOT Target. That was where I went for my 2nd job for Christmas and I loathed almost every moment of that hell. So Target is out.

Okay. So I need a second job. And a fondue pot. But that’s another entry. Second job. Anyone have any ideas?

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