i yearn for chipotle

I would kill someone right now for a bean & rice burrito from Chipotle.

When I was in school, that was my favorite place on the planet to eat. For $4.50, you get a burrito the size of your head, wrapped in foil, with the absolute best ingredients ever in the whole world.

My dream burrito is made with the cilantro-lime rice, black beans, chili-corn salsa and mild tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese, guac, and lettuce. All wrapped up and served piping hot just for me.

If any of you watch the Osbournes and saw the episode where Ozzy went and got that gigantic-ass burrito, that was a Chipotle burrito. And I nearly sobbed with longing while watching that episode.

If I could, I’d jet out to Chipotle right this second and get a burrito, but noooooo – the closest one is in DC. That is just so wrong.

Anyone up for a road trip?

Oh, Chipotle, how I long for thee.

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