Monthly archives: June, 2008

put us under glass

Lately, I have become absolutely convinced that somewhere far away, on another planet, in another galaxy, someone is writing a thesis about my family.

here, try my cake balls

One of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the internet is an excerpt from this post by the very funny Mimi Smartypants. Here it is: I baked some muffins and brought them into work, and from the reaction I got you would have thought I had shown up wearing a puffy-paint sweatshirt and spreading …

the wigs

My townhouse is at ground level and is in an area surrounded by trees and prone to dampness. This means that my patio is usually full of mosquitoes, which makes it less than fun to sit out there in the summer. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of a patio. The dampness on the patio …

time may change me

It’s been a weird year, or year and some months, or something. I’ve been working on the site tonight, in the hopes that it’ll spur me to make my writing a bigger part of my life, like it used to be. And as a part of tweaking and upgrades and accidentally breaking the entire site …


For years, if you had asked me which famous people I would like to have lunch with, my answers would be Tim Russert and Marilyn Milian. But now I’ll never get to have lunch with Tim Russert. I know it probably seems silly, but I’m pretty sad.