love the one you’re with

At the start of this year, a funny thing happened. I consciously avoided making many actual resolutions, and in the process I found myself embarking on a flurry of positive activities instead. How does that work? I don’t really know, but I’m liking the sense of control and stability it is giving me.

When I was thinking about resolutions, the one I kept wanting to make was along the lines of “work out more, lose some weight, etc.” I even told some friends that my single resolution for 2011 was to run the Four Miler. I was training for it last spring and I had to stop because my eardrum exploded and then I got mono. So I thought, I’ll get back to that goal and do that and it’ll be fine.

I might still run that race. In fact, I hope I do. But it’s not as big a deal anymore because the decision I’ve replaced it with turns out to be far more important.

As my life has become busier over the past few years, I have become a casual reader of blogs at best. I cruise around daily or so and skim some regular sites, but I am not nearly so active a reader and commenter as I once was. So in my blogosphere rounds over the last few days, I ran across this guest post about body image at C. Jane’s blog. And I skimmed it just like I skim everything lately. I didn’t give it any extra attention or read it with any extra purpose, but somehow, that post really got under my skin and seems to have begun putting down roots. And if what I’m going to attempt ends up working out well, I will have Janna and C. Jane to thank for it.

This year, I’m going to try a radical departure from every approach I’d ever tried before. This year, I am going to love the body I have.

I know, I know. It goes against everything we know, everything we’re taught. I’m fat, after all. I’m fatter than I’ve ever been. I should count my calories. I should schedule a workout regimen so ferocious I want to die. I should hate and hate and hate this body until the only reasonable option is to change it to a better one. But fuck that.

I have pretty, thick, dark wavy hair that glints red in the sun. I have eyes that shine gold in certain light. I have pretty pale skin that flushes pink sometimes. I have really soft hands. I have strong legs and a fantastic rack and curves that won’t quit. I’m dead sexy, and I’m not going to waste another moment looking for things to dislike about myself.

I am going to buy clothes that fit well and make me feel and look beautiful, and I don’t give a shit if that means they come from Lane Bryant. I am going to walk the dog because it’s fun to explore the world with him. I’m probably going to run that race because this body is strong and can totally do it, and if it turns out I feel like doing something else that weekend, I will. I am going to continue to refuse to buy reduced-fat cheese and sour cream because the real thing is ten thousand times better. I am going to dance more because shaking my ass makes me feel awesome. I’m going to take pictures and be in pictures with my friends and family and put that shit all over Facebook, and you know what? I’ll probably have double chins and weird facial expressions and unflattering poses, and I’m not going to care anymore.

So many things about my life are so good right now. I am surrounded by people I love who love me back. It’s high time I started to love myself, too.

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  1. LIKE.

    I’m so off the blogosphere, but read this since you linked from FB. FB is just so much easier. Perhaps I’ll revisit just jen. It has been two years since I posted. I’m afraid I just won’t know where to start.

    Happy New Year, Lorie! I miss you.

  2. Wonderful! Love it! Decided that myself a couple years back and it has been my best decision in years. It takes time to work its way into every fiber of your being, some are still adjusting. Every other aspect of my life has improved because of it. May it be so for you as well.

    (And the regular stuff is much healthier for you. That “low-fat” and “low-cal” stuff will make you hungrier; has way too much sugar &/or salt. Fat in food isn’t the enemy as long as you keep it balanced–fat is part of what helps you feel full longer and in dairy foods in particular it can actually help you lose weight; completely contrary to what the companies would like you to believe.)

  3. A beautiful Truth, Lorie. My biggest complaint in the past few years isn’t that I’m fat, but that I don’t feel as strong as I once did. Before E, I was an almost every day yoga-er, and that’s when I felt my best, so my efforts this year is find that place again. Not to lose weight, not to fit into old clothes, but to feel strong and fit.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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