10 things other people are doing

  1. Buying houses
  2. Getting married
  3. Having children
  4. Moving to new cities
  5. Starting new jobs
  6. Getting graduate degrees
  7. Traveling overseas
  8. Going out with friends
  9. Describing themselves and their lives with words like “perfect,” “happy,” “lucky,” and “blessed”
  10. Achieving the things they try to achieve.

5 Replies to “10 things other people are doing”

  1. Um, hello? You found out what Halifax Lopes is. That’s something you set out to achieve. ;)

    Those people in number #9 have been watching too much Oprah.

  2. I just remembered this story… I was at my 10th h.s. reunion two years ago, and on my way to the bathroom, I heard two guys talking about their wives and kids, and investments, and I almost broke out into hives. Like, if you get all that done in the 10 years after high school, when do you have time to spend 3 years in a miserable job, or drink yourself so sick you decide to lie down on a parking lot because it feels so cool on your face? Sure, neither of these things sound all that great, but the best stories don’t come from starting your dream job or doing things you set out to do. Who wants to hear “I went out this evening with my husband and we each drank in moderation then went home”? No one.

    I fully realize that I sound like a complete alcoholic, but I swear, I rarely drink.

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