pet peeve

Annoying: I ask you what you had for lunch. You tell me you had organic lentil soup and a salad with organic baby spinach and organic roma tomatoes and organic dressing. Seriously? I am NOT MORE IMPRESSED THAT YOU TOOK TIME OUT TO ADD “ORGANIC.” Just tell me you had lentil soup and spinach salad. I promise I won’t think less of you than I do right now. If you currently find yourself doing this, I want you to know that it is a really annoying habit and you should think about knocking it the fuck off. That is all.

5 Replies to “pet peeve”

  1. I agree, I don’t think it’s ever necessary to note something’s organic-ness unless you’re the one packaging the food. It’s not like I walk around talking about my in-organic foods that I’ve eaten.

  2. My pet peeve at work lately is the people who send every email they write with high importance. Not EVERYTHING you say can be that important.

  3. A big pet peeve for me lately is driving. Just driving. The traffic here sucks, and so many of the drivers are utter assholes, so the moment I have my car keys in my hand I’m already an Instant Bitch Whining About Driving. Le sigh.

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