Brushing Shoulders

Even though I studied film in college, and earned my degree in RTVF, I haven’t done a thing in television or film since leaving school, and I doubt I ever will. I left most of that behind. I don’t keep in touch with most of those people. But a continuing surreal thing that happens is that every now and then I see someone I know/knew/vaguely remember from school in a role on TV or in a movie. It’s weird for me because it’s usually a small role, it’s TV or a movie, and I have a terrible memory for names and a mediocre memory for faces, so sometimes I think I’m just weirding out. Usually, though, if I remember enough of the person’s name to do a search, it turns out I’m right.

Last night I finally got around to watching my TiVoed pilot of Six Degrees or 6 [degree symbol] or whatever it’s choosing to call itself these days, and as Carlos got a cupcake for his birthday, I glanced at his coworkers behind him and one of them looked very familiar. I zoned out on the show for a second, remembering how that girl was from Boulder and had a really unusual voice and trying to think of her name, when off-screen, someone said something to Carlos – just a quick line – and it was that really unusual voice and hey! it’s got to be that girl!

She was in my Analysis & Performance of Literature class (forever to be known as Anal Perf) during the fall of my freshman year. She had cool vintage clothes and that weird voice and her performances were always very good. I still can’t remember her damn name, though. Kristen, maybe?

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  1. Who’s Carlos? Oh, he must be on the show.

    this post would be better with “brushing cheeks” or, “brushing noses” for a title.

    that is all.

    oh, and that the show with the stupid doctors who aren’t quiet doctors yet – the Grey (Gray?) one – yeah, it made me cry.

    also, please don’t ever bring up anal perferation again.

    thank you. :)

  2. I don’t think having seasons on DVD would be good for me. I kinda like this “moving around” thing I manage to do with my days and I suspect that me DVD(s!) of that show would = “not movin’ around so much”.


    I don’t ever keep up though. I don’t know what channel it’s on or what day or at what time. I’m awful at that… Lorie, do you know anybody on that show?

  3. I wouldn’t mind getting to know Patrick Dempsey. You know, in the Biblical sense.

    I am not allowed to watch Grey’s Anatomy while on my lunch break at home, because I end up weeping about every other time I watch it.

  4. I thought you permanantly removed fox news from the Family HQ TV….

    and ~A , seasons on DVD…are awesome… they’re best for really boring summers when everyone has moved out of your college town back home and there’s nothing good on TV, if you’re stuck in bed, sick days, if you get snowed in for weeks, if the nuclear winter comes and you’re stuck in a bomb shelter… and the like.

  5. I have to admit to having watched a season of one show on DVD while sick with the flu or something last fall.

    Because there was nothing else in the house and because we don’t have a tv remote, I watched all 5 dvds of one season of

    …Desperate Housewives.

    All I can say about it is:
    1. I didn’t help me get any better as, instead of sleeping, I just watched one show after the next after the next…
    2. I hate the main character lady what’s-her-face-omg-I’m-so-annoying.

    But, yes, I concede your point, Ginny: I’m sure that next time I’m sick or somesuch in bed, I’ll probably consider the season-in-a-gulp remedy.

    …perhaps Battlestar Galactica. (I don’t have cable so I couldn’t watch it if I wanted.)

  6. Weird voice and getting TV roles?

    _Definitely_ Kristen…something. GAH. She lived in Jones with me. She was in a few Wendy’s commercials a few years ago, including one where she said “Cheeseburgers?” and then paused while moving her head confesedly to the left.

    I am still most amused by Zooey Deschanel’s fameosity.

  7. Also:

    ~A, it really IS referred to as Anal Perf by EVERYONE. I lived in the performaing arts dorm and eventually could hear that term without it making me blink at all. And then I actually took it (as a junior) and then it really didn’t matter.

    I think I even had a folder that said Anal Perf on the front.

  8. I would just like to state for the record that Anal Perf was one of my favorite classes in all four years of school.

  9. PS – Isn’t the story behind Anal Perf something about how that’s the way the title of the class was truncated in those old-school registration materials? Am I making that up?

  10. Kristen Schaal:

    Also, I think that you just called my registering method “old school.”

    (We registered online ONCE before I gradumatated, I think. Maybe twice.)

    I have no idea about that rumor.

    I did not like that class very much at the time, except I had fun bringing my Junior-in-the-Integrated-Arts-program sensibility to a class full of freshman theatre peeps.

    I am really bad at memorizing, so I essentially tweaked the instructor by, for instance, using a one sentence poem for a 3 minute performance. And I did this creepy performance based on this story about a voyeuristic perv.

    So yeah, I hated it then, but looking back, it seems pretty rad.

  11. Um, I too registered “old-school” for the majority of college. Once online registration got up and running, it was super buggy for a while.

  12. …and no props for finding her.

    granted, i just asked rosemary. mind like a steel trap that one.

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