now here it goes again

Maybe you’ve seen it a hundred times. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, OK Go’s video for “Here It Goes Again” is totally worth three minutes of your time, and unless your heart is cold and black and dead, I’m guessing it’ll perk up your crabby Tuesday morning.

C’mon! Treadmills as performance art!

3 Replies to “now here it goes again”

  1. Ah, lovely. My favorite part is the high five. It happens after all four leave the frame, two on their butts backwards, two face-first moving forwards. Then two reappear from opposite sides and high five. Awesome.

    I also like how the guy in the huggin’ pink pants seems simultaneously horrified by what he’s doing and really into it. He even starts to strut at one point, adding something of an Austin Powers’ brushing-my-hip-holster move.

  2. I’ve seen it 100 times, and would like to sing it 100 more. That takes courage! I’d be so terrified of falling off and busting ass, but they totally commit. Not to mention that it’s done in one shot. ONE SHOT!

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