You’re A Little Pitchy

Just in case you were wondering, when someone says you’re “pitchy,” the simplest definition is that you aren’t quite hitting your notes. Usually, “pitchy” means you’re running a little sharp on some notes and a little flat on others – because if you were consistently sharp, or consistently flat, a good vocal judge would say you were sharp or flat instead of “pitchy.”

I know I just gave Idol judges possibly a little more credit than they deserve (“good vocal judge”), but whatever. They didn’t make up “pitchy” – I’ve heard it in singing for years.

Also, for what it’s worth, Pickler, if you support your upper register with lots of air, it’s far less likely to be pitchy. Note that good air support and shouty are not the same thing.

That is all.

2 Replies to “You’re A Little Pitchy”

  1. Ugh, Pickler.

    She sings the same song week after week, doesn’t understand the meaning or usage of everyday words and phrases, plays up that god-awful down-home hick charm, and somehow manages to fool a majority of Americans into believing her (alleged) likability is enough to earn their votes.

    Hm. Sounds familiar…

  2. People, especially teens, often ‘sharp’ when they’re nervous (performing). I’ve never heard the term ‘pitchy’, though my choral experience has been limited to choirs in Northern Virginia and DC (Washington Chorus).

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