Okay, I love my Rebel GII. Love it love it love it. It makes me feel like an Actual Photographer, and once in a while, my photos make me feel like one too.

But. The shutter is really noisy. And every time I try to take a picture of the kittens, the shutter either startles them or wakes them up, and the next thing I know, they’re trying to attack the lens.


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  1. Having a GII sounds like a am photographer’s dream. What kinds of photos do you plan to be taking? Family, pet, events? Entries into local photo contests? Interestingly enough, my wife took a simple B&W picture of a photogenic 3 yr old niece eating corn. It turned out to be rather poignant, so she entered it into the Photo Contest at the Waterford Fair ( ), which has a number of professional and advanced amateur entries. As you can surmise, she won first place in her category.

    So we look forward to all the photos you have to share, especially those that capture a certain essence, or broaden our ken (no pressure, mind you…)

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