Diagnosis: Idiot

In the wise words of my doctor, whom I visited this afternoon,

“I know this is going to sound silly – but you probably pulled a muscle while you were puking your guts out.”

That’s a direct quote, by the way. My doc is generally awesome. And I’m glad he came to the same conclusion I did w/r/t the back injury.

Slightly less awesome: when the nurse was taking my blood pressure and temperature and stuff, it turned out that I had a fever of 101 degrees. And that prompted my generally awesome doc to request a urine sample. So I donated some pee and it turns out that I have some kind of mysterious, but highly contagious, infection.

The sudden, violent vomiting is apparently the initial symptom of a viral infection going around, but the fever + infectious pee apparently indicate something else, because he’s going to do a culture and in the meantime gave me a prescription for Cipro and orders to stay home for the rest of the week. I knew that wouldn’t go over well with the powers that be, so I said I’d stay home tomorrow and make a decision about Friday on Friday morning. A lot’s going to depend on how my back feels. I did go in for a few hours today but between the discomfort and time spent at the doctor, I got very little done.

Oh. And also – the main reason I went to the doctor was to get him to prescribe some hard-core narcotic pain relievers or muscle relaxants so I could sleep through the night with the hurty back. Sadly, I didn’t get either, because he said the Cipro doesn’t react well with narcotics and he really wants me to get the antibiotics. Besides, I need to take ibuprofen to keep the fever under control, so that should help with the back as well.

I am keeping food down, which is good. I’m guessing I’ll probably live through this. I may even stop whining about it one of these days. In the meantime, thanks for your very nice comments on my whiny-ass whininess. They do make me feel better.

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  1. Oh man, I really hope you start to feel better and you can get this taken care of. I am so sorry.

  2. wow… you mean they want you in despite the fact you have a raging infectious mystery disease? for the love of… something, tell them to screw off and stay home!

  3. sheesh! i just called you at work to see how you’re doing but low and behold, you’re not there….i love you….feel better….i’ll be callin you at home soon :)

  4. I hate it when doctors refuse to give me narcotics and insist that ibprofen will be just fine. Don’t they know that I pop Ibprofen like Pez? I mean geez. Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better and your pee clears up.

  5. Wow, I hope you get to feeling much better soon.

    On a kinda-related note, my best friend here came down with some super weird blood infection that stemmed from a cut on her foot, and spread up into her calf. She was hospitalized for days before the doctors figured out what was wrong; what’s weirder is that it’s been a problem for a lot of people this year, including half of the St Louis Rams (per my friend, per her doctor).

    So freaking weird.

  6. I’ve been on vacation, but you’ve not updated us on your condition.

    Please do so in order to prevent us from calling the rescue squad.

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