One Note

I was just thinking about what I’ve worn to work this week and I came up with the following:

  • Monday: black boatneck sweater, gray slacks with purple pinstripes
  • Tuesday: white tee under pink elbow-sleeve sweater, black pants
  • Wednesday: black v-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater, gray pants
  • Today: white elbow-sleeve shirt under pink cashmere shell, black pants

And I already know that tomorrow I’ll be wearing a gray suit over a shirt that, in all likelihood, will be white, pink, or black.

Maybe I need to get a few more damn colors in my wardrobe.

6 Replies to “One Note”

  1. I wore blue everyday last week. Which I didn’t notice until friday and I thought hmmm, I need some other colors. But it’s so hard sometimes.

    But I agree, plum as a fall wardrobe color is nice.

  2. Actually, I do have some plummy stuff.

    AND – I broke the mold today by wearing a lilac shirt under my gray suit.

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